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2024 Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon Season Set

A lady holding a nice spring chinook

2024 Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon Season Set From March 1st – April 5th, the Columbia River will be open for Spring Chinook fishing from the Buoy 10 line in Astoria upstream to Beacon Rock. With the Cowlitz and Lewis River returns similar to last year’s, we’ll be able to fish in the Warrior Rock […]

2024 Columbia River Salmon Fishing Forecast – Spring and Summer

A nice spring chinook caught on the Columbia River

In the first of many forecasts to come over the next couple months, the 2024 Columbia River salmon fishing preseason forecast for Spring and Summer have been released by ODFW. The preliminary numbers for the 2024 run are similar to 2023 actual returns, with the Spring Chinook numbers just over 200,000 and Summer Sockeye numbers […]

Columbia River Spring Chinook Update

Spring Chinook caught on the Columbia River.

ODFW has just announced the closing of Spring Chinook fishing on the Columbia River. The original season was extended twice before being closed on May 31st, and we’re always appreciative of more water to fish. We’ll continue to fish for Chinook on the Willamette River, which offers some of the best Springer fishing in the […]

2022 Portland Salmon and Sturgeon Fishing – Guide Update

6 guys fishing for Portland Spring Chinook Salmon

April in Oregon brings blooming cherry trees and Spring Chinook fishing. April 6th was the last salmon fishing day of the season on the Columbia River, and with that, both our focus and the fish are shifting to the Willamette River, which runs right through the heart of Downtown Portland. We fish various stretches of […]

Portland Spring Chinook Preview

Willamette River Spring Chinook Salmon

Just a few days remain of winter before the calendar announces the beginning of spring. In the Portland area, that means it’s time to start chasing Springers! A bunch of early spring chinook have already been caught starting the end of February, with the bulk of the fish beginning to arrive in April. While the […]

2020 Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon Season Set

Beautiful Spring Chinook Salmon caught on the Columbia River

Columbia River Spring Salmon The 2020 Columbia River Spring Chinook Season has been set. From March 1st – 31st, the Columbia River will be open for Spring Chinook fishing from Warrior Rock upstream to Beacon Rock. This gives us fishing opportunities for a nice stretch of river from just above the Cowlitz River to just […]

2015 Willamette River Spring Chinook Expectations

a man holding a nice spring chinook under the glen jackson bridge in oregon city

I love fishing for Spring Chinook on the Willamette River. It offers some of the more technical fishing that I do all year and it’s close to home to boot! ODFW managers met last week, compared all their notes and offered up their prediction for the upcoming 2015 Spring Chinook run. 55,400 fish is the number […]

2015 Columbia River Spring Chinook Forecast

a young girl with a big columbia river spring chinook

People forget that it wasn’t that long ago that the Columbia River was off limits. I can remember fishing Bonneville Dam the year is first opened. The crowds, excitement and opportunity that none of us had ever experienced. It was a lot of fun and apparently for some, too much fun as the deadline for […]

Willamette River Salmon Fishing- Video 517

A nice Salmon caught May 17 by a young man on the Willamette River.

Have I ever told you how much fun we have on my boat? Excuse me, but I’m not sure I could be more fortunate than to be able to share days with the families, friends and business associates that I do. On this particular day, one of my guests, Robert Leary of Robert Leary Consulting […]

Columbia River Salmon- Springers, wait I mean Summers

A nice big Summer Chinook Salmon caught on the Columbia River

Some of you may know that we received an extension on the Columbia River to continue to fish for Spring Salmon. I wasn’t terribly excited about the option as I spend my May on the Willamette fishing for Spring Salmon and these sort of seasons aren’t usually that productive. In this case however, it did […]