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Astoria Fishing Happening Now

Happy lady holding her Buoy 10 Chinook salmon in Astoria.

What do you want to fish for? Right now, our Astoria location is offering fishing for everyone. The ocean is open for all Chinook and Coho salmon. The Columbia River is open for retention of all Chinook and hatchery Coho. Plus we have tuna, lingcod, rockfish, and crabbing. Yes, it’s a smorgasbord of fishing, and as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t get much better than this.

Buoy 10 Salmon

Proud mom and teenage son holding their Columbia River Chinook salmon caught at the Buoy 10 fishery.

Buoy 10 season is in full swing on the Columbia River and our season is going to last longer than expected. ODFW preplanned a few closure dates to give us a Chinook season through Labor Day. After that we switched to a Coho only fishery for a few days and now the river is wide open for retention of all Chinook both native and hatchery in addition to hatchery Coho. More and more salmon are moving into the river every day, giving us more prime opportunities to catch some of the freshest fish you’ll ever take home for dinner.

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Astoria Ocean Salmon

Buoy 10 Chinook salmon being held by a happy man.

The ocean is wide open for salmon retention out of Astoria. As of August 26th, if you catch it, you keep it. That means Chinook and Coho, hatchery and native. Things can get pretty action-packed when we’re able to retain all salmon. It’s Buoy 10 season, with bright chrome Chinook and Coho biting anchovy and other offerings like Spinfish. Most fishing has been to the north of the river mouth in 50-90 feet of water. Nope, not very far out. The high tide bite on the green line has been super consistent.

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Tuna Time!

Teenager proudly holding his first albacore tuna caught on the ocean out of Astoria

The tuna are here! Legion’s Mercy can be from the tips to the fishing grounds in an hour at that distance. We have 400 pounds of ice and a fish hold that can carry 50 tuna. I’ll just say it right now, please don’t catch 50 tuna. That would be absurd, but whatever, the capacity is great for keeping the sashimi cold 🙂 The flat oceans of summer and blue water moving close to shore is something many never experience.  Reach out to get your date on Legion’s Mercy today!

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Rockfish and Lingcod Palooza

Lingcod limits for everyone on board Legion's Mercy

It’s been good all year long and yes, the scenery hasn’t been bad either! Tillamook Head has been loaded with black rockfish and on light tackle it’s a blast. We’ve been catching fish around a variety of rock formations that come up from the bottom of the ocean and have even seen some top-water action. At that point, the spinning rods and one ounce jigs come out. The slow retrieves just get hammered and on light tackle just below the surface? Yes, it’s a lot of fun. We will often couple these trips with some ocean salmon. 25-30 black rocks and salmon? It’s how we do it this time of year out of Astoria!

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Want to book a trip? Contact us on our Questions & Reservations page. We can answer any questions you have and make sure you’re getting the trip that’s right for you!