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Willamette River Salmon Fishing- Video 517

A nice Salmon caught May 17 by a young man on the Willamette River.

A father and son hold a Willamette River Salmon caught 517

Have I ever told you how much fun we have on my boat? Excuse me, but I’m not sure I could be more fortunate than to be able to share days with the families, friends and business associates that I do.

On this particular day, one of my guests, Robert Leary of Robert Leary Consulting joined me with his father and son for a day of Willamette River Salmon Fishing. We were fishing the Oregon City area and the bite happened to be in the area of the Bulk Head. With a little help from the Clackamas River, the Bulk Head is an area the runs fast and probably a little cooler than other spots in Oregon City. As the water drops or backs up from the Columbia, this is often the first place that fish really slow down. As a result, during certain times of year, this area can produce lots of nice Spring Chinook.

Aiden was a very nice, well mannered young man that I was very happy to see in a Salmon tussell. As you can see from the video, he does everything right and closes the deal on the fish. Aiden went on to get his limit and will have memories with his father and grandad that will last his lifetime.

The rod bending you’re seeing in the video is being performed by my beloved SAR 1265 coupled with a Shimano Tekota 300 Line Counter spooled with 20lb Maxima Ultra Green. On the business end, a 2/0 Gamakatsu Octopus with a #20 pound Ultra Green always does the trick.

Thanks Robert for shooting the video and thanks again for coming out for a day of fishing on the Willamette River with you and your family.