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A photo of a limit of Salmon caught on the Columbia River while fishing with guide, Lance Fisher

We’re very fortunate to have a variety of types of Salmon and abundance of those stocks in the Pacific Northwest. Salmon exist in Oregon, Washington and on the Columbia River nearly year around as different species take their turn in the limelight.

The most sought after of these fish is the Chinook or King Salmon. The region has seasonal runs of Spring, Summer, Fall and even Winter Chinook. These fish run 10-40 pounds and make for great table fare and sport.

In addition to the Chinook or King Salmon runs, Coho or Silver Salmon also weave their way into the mix. Coho are characterize as a medium sized Salmon that is a fishing and eating favorite to many. Often times the techniques used to catch these fish involve casting and high speed action.

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A beautiful female steelhead in the net

Steelhead are one of the great sport fish in the world. Agressive, acrobatic and we’re fishing for them in some of the most beautiful watersheds on earth. Steelhead run between 5-20 pounds, are very athletic and a favorite of many of my best clients.

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A large oversize sturgeon being reeled in close to the boat.

Sturgeon are the prehistoric wonder fish of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. I get people from all over the world that love to fish for these fish. Both keepers and oversize fish to 200 pounds exist and are seasonally available.

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