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Lance Fisher Fishing Guide- Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon

Oregon Fishing

Oregon Fishing- A guide to news, reports and information for Salmon, steelhead and sturgeon fishing for Oregon rivers and ocean.

Summer Fishing- Here’s what is happening!

A nice Astoria sturgeon taken out of the Columbia River with fishing guide, Lance Fisher

It’s a great time of year to be fishing in the Pacific Northwest. It’s nice to see the orange thing in the sky and equally nice to be able to have so many fishing options. Salmon, steelhead and sturgeon are all available now through July. Here’s the 411 on the fishing options: Astoria Sturgeon Fishing […]

Mid-Season Spring Chinook Report

A nice limit of Columbia River Spring Chinook

So the theme of this year is HIGH WATER! I think that would be an understatement, but personally, outside of having to reschedule a few trips for our clients fishing with us out of our Portland locations, I like the high water. And there are a number of reasons why. The fishing has been good. […]

Sea Lions Wrecking Havoc- Possible Relief in Sight

Willamette River Sea Lion

The whole sea lion thing is getting old. It’s been 10 years of things getting progressively worse. There’s been a lot going on over the last week on the sea lion front and being on the water a lot this time of year, puts me face to face with a nuisance that seems a long […]

Conditions Improve and Magically, So Does the Salmon Fishing

Graph of Willamette River Turbidity

I’ve never been a big fan of late March Salmon fishing on the Columbia and 2017 has brought us an example as to why I feel this way. Early season Salmon fishing at it’s best is inconsistent. This year, with huge snow packs and turbid conditions, fishing got off to an understandably slow start. What’s […]

Bi-State Columbia River Saga Continues

The ODFW Commission met Friday to disuss among other things, Columbia River gillnets. Oh. My. Gosh. What a frigging marathon of a meeting. It was hours and hours and hours. It was brutal. I watched it live on Periscope. I was like, “Are these folks ever going to be done?” It was one piece of testimony […]

Tillamook vs. Forks- Contrasting Directions

NWOS Transcript Break…………. It’s funny that we think back over the years, and we’ve had years where we’ve had zero rain. I shouldn’t say zero. We’ve had winters where we go weeks in low water. You’re sitting there going, “Oh my gosh, is it ever going to rain?” and “It’s global warming.” It’s this, it’s […]

Best fishing of the year? It may be now.

A limit of Wilson River steelhead.

Tillamook county had a good week of fishing. Everywhere it should have been good, it was and much of the week, the fishing was excellent. Knowing you’re on fish is always nice and it caused me to wonder, “Will this years’ winter steelhead season be the best fishing of the year?” Double digit days fishing […]

2017 Fishing Schedule- Oregon, Columbia River and Washington

I’m looking forward to another great year fishing. Many of you have fished with me long enough to be good friends and I’m thankful for the continued support and fun over the years. We’ve expanded our fishing offerings this year to be able to give our customers the best fishing in two states. While I […]

Early Steelhead Fishing Good On Tillamook Area Rivers

A nice day of fishing on the Wilson River with 3 nice steelhead.

A little nap after a year of fishing is always in order. Nearly ten months of fishing will do that to a guy. But there are a few things that will get you going again after resting up and shiny, chrome bright, missiles on the Wilson River, only a few miles out of Tillamook Bay will do […]

Tillamook fishing- All about the tides and water levels

a limit of tillamook salmon

A couple weeks of really good fishing caught up to us a little bit this week as small tides and less than ideal water levels finally slowed things down a little bit. The week fishing in Tillamook started strong on the heals of another system that made the rivers come up and the fish come […]