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Fishing Guides

A nice fish from oregons trask river

As a Northwest fishing guide, I have to do a whole lot of moving around through the year. Runs come and go and it’s rare to be at a fishery longer than a month. What was good fishing yesterday is often history tomorrow and I’ve made it my mission to put my clients on the very best fishing available. Some people are confused by the fact that I live in Portland, yet guide in Washington or 3 hours away in Winchester Bay and it’s simply a result of migrating fish and a need, if I’m truly to serve my clients well, to go where the fish are.

This section of fishing guides has been created to help prospective and existing customers learn more about a particular fishery. From history, run timing, species and even where to eat and stay while you’re on location. Each section will provide details that will help you in deciding which fishing trip is right for you and additionally, help you plan your trip.

Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me.

Columbia River Fishing Guide

This section of fishing guides hosts some of the most popular fisheries in the west. From Buoy 10 Salmon to Spring Chinook. Keeper sturgeon to oversize monsters, each Columbia River location is as unique as it is productive. Learn more about run timing and tid bits about the following fisheries: Astoria, Buoy 10, the Portland area, Bonneville Dam and the Hanford Reach.

Oregon Fishing Guide

Oregon hosts some of the best Salmon and steelhead fishing rivers anywhere. In fact, much of Oregon’s fishing will exceed what you can find in most parts of Alaska. Incredible habitat, free flowing rivers and a productive ocean makes for some pretty special days on the water. See this section for fishing guides for: Tillamook Bay and surrounding rivers, Newport, Winchester Bay, the Willamette River and the cities of Portland, Astoria, Hood River, and The Dalles.

Washington Fishing Guide

Washington is known for some of the best fall Chinook and steelhead fishing of my calendar year. The Washington rivers have unique geography and in-river characteristics. It’s odd to think that these rivers are so different than their cousins to the south, but it’s obvious once you’ve spent a little time in the northwest. From Cowlitz River Steelhead and Salmon to the Klickitat River Fall Salmon runs, the fishing guides in this section will provide you everything you need to know to plan your trip.