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Legion’s Mercy

Legion's Mercy at daybreak. West Mooring Basin

34’ long with a 10′ 6” beam and powered by twin 300 hp Mercury’s. Legion’s Mercy cruises at 30 knots and weighs around 15,000 pounds when full with 300 gallons of fuel. Guests will enjoy a full stand-up bathroom, fish hold capacity for around 50 albacore tuna, a 50-gallon live well, and all the electronics needed for a great day. Safety is of utmost importance and Legion’s Mercy is equipped with light weight, auto inflatable Mustang Survival PFD’s along with an 8-person life raft and self-bailing deck. 

Needless to say,  Legion’s Mercy is big, fast, safe, and very comfortable to fish out of for groups of up to 5. But that’s not all that we’re known for. Here in Astoria, Lance Fisher Fishing is the only guide and charter service with an office offering private vacuum packing, ice, and a full complement of rain gear and boots for their customers. There’s not another charter boat as comfortable and fully equipped as Legion’s Mercy and not another guide or charter service like Lance Fisher Fishing in Astoria

2 kids sitting on the deck of a 34' guided fishing boat, showing off 5 salmon.

Legion’s Mercy operates from June 1 through the middle of October. We’ll fish for salmon in the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean, including the famous Buoy 10 fishery. We also target bottom fish, including lingcod and halibut, as well as albacore tuna inside of 50 miles. 

Here’s a little more information about each of Legion’s Mercy’s fishing options:


There’s usually a window of opportunity for some great salmon fishing right out of the gate in early June. We’ll fish the river early on for arriving Spring and Summer Chinook. We’ll also find steelhead and sockeye during many of these trips. With the speed, range, and safety of Legion’s Mercy, we’re able to fish in areas most can’t reach on the Columbia River. There are days we don’t hardly see another boat!

Around June 25th, the ocean will open for salmon fishing. We tend to find a lot of Chinook, or King salmon, early on with Coho salmon increasing in numbers and size as the fishing moves into July. Some years we will fish for ocean salmon well into September. A lot of it depends on the conditions, seasons, and how good the fishing is in the river. 

Man holding his chinook salmon toward the camera while on a guided fishing boat out of Astoria, Oregon

Speaking of river fishing, Buoy 10 typically opens in early August and we’ll fish the river through October. This is a huge fishery with around a million salmon per year entering the Columbia River in a 8-week period.

Salmon is just one of the species that we target on Legion’s Mercy. You can mix and match your day or days of fishing with other species to include bottom fish, tuna, and crab. Keep reading for more info and by all means, contact us for any questions. We stay on top of all the seasons and are always happy to help.

3 guys and 1 gal holding their chinook salmon caught at Buoy 10 in Astoria, Oregon

Albacore Tuna:

Tuna begin showing up in range of the Oregon coastline in early July. We typically have access to these fish through September. Albacore swim at nearly 50 miles per hour and are a favorite species to target out of Astoria. Legion’s Mercy will hold up to 50 tuna in its insulated fish holds. We’ll target tuna on the troll, casting irons, and with live bait. Legion’s Mercy has a 50-gallon live bait well and we always carry plenty of bait on-board.

 Teenager proudly holding his first albacore tuna caught on the ocean out of Astoria

The blue water off the Oregon coast is something most will never see, and for those of us that have spent time off shore it really leaves a mark. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve seen 100’s of whales, sharks on the surface, and tuna exploding out of the water as they feed on anchovies. If you’re not already a tuna fisherman, you owe it to yourself to at least try it. Let us know if you’d like to get on the calendar!

Bottom Fish:

We love fishing for the variety of bottom fish out of Astoria. Black Rocks, Chili Peppers, Cabezon, Lingcod and Halibut are all favorite targets of ours, and that’s not even half the species. Lingcod fishing is hot and heavy right out of the gate in June and typically close to shore. We target bottom fish with light tackle and even cast spinning reels with swim baits when these fish are on the surface. We also have options to fish when it’s rough, right in the river. I know, sounds crazy, but we catch limits all the time without ever leaving the Columbia River.

Guy in sunglasses holding up a 14 pound lingcod caught near the jetty in Astoria.

We have trips to some of the most beautiful areas in the world, along Cannon Beach to our south, and lots of our customers will enjoy some bottom fishing as part of a day of salmon fishing as well.

Five guys holding salmon while standing on the dock next to a wheeled tub full of bottom fish

Simply put, there are so many options, it’s nearly impossible not to have an amazing day out of Astoria! Need help putting your fishing trip together? Contact us.

Trophy Sturgeon:

The sturgeon fishing in Astoria begins in June and goes through August. This is NOT your typical sturgeon fishing. Shallow water beasts explode out of the water as they take sand shrimp and anchovies around the sand bars of the Columbia River estuary. Most of the fishing we do is in less than 12′ of water and often we’re in 3-4 feet of water at the beginning of a tide. It’s very possible you’re going to get the biggest fish of your life. Average fish run in the 60# class and we see typically see several a day over 100 pounds. This is a must do fishery and you can do it in style in Legion’s Mercy. Bring your favorite play list and get your fish on!

Lance and a boy holding a trophy sturgeon caught on the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon


Would you like Oregon Dungeness crab for dinner and even better, for days beyond your trip? The crabbing out of the Columbia River is some of the best in the world. We start dropping crab pots after Labor Day and catch a lot of beautiful crab. Add it to any of our fishing trips. It’s a great addition to your day’s catch!

5 ladies in a half circle around their pot of cooked Dungeness crab in Astoria, Oregon

If you need any help with putting your trip together on Legion’s Mercy, or any of our boats for that matter, please contact us. We are here to help and offer white-glove treatment of our customers. We have fished thousands of customers over the years and know how to help provide our clients with the perfect trip. Simply contact us for more information or to get a trip booked!