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Columbia River Spring Chinook Update

Spring Chinook caught on the Columbia River.

ODFW has just announced the closing of Spring Chinook fishing on the Columbia River. The original season was extended twice before being closed on May 31st, and we’re always appreciative of more water to fish. We’ll continue to fish for Chinook on the Willamette River, which offers some of the best Springer fishing in the area, and in just over 2 weeks the Columbia will open again for the summer season.

Columbia River Salmon

June 16th will be opening day for Columbia River Summer Chinook, Steelhead, and Sockeye retention. The daily limit on the Columbia River is 2 adult salmonids, 1 of which can be a Chinook Salmon. Whether you want to fish in the Portland area or at the Oregon Coast, we have multiple opportunities to choose from this spring and summer. 

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to book a trip. We’re always happy to help.