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2020 Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon Season Set

Beautiful Spring Chinook Salmon caught on the Columbia River

Columbia River Spring Salmon

The 2020 Columbia River Spring Chinook Season has been set. From March 1st – 31st, the Columbia River will be open for Spring Chinook fishing from Warrior Rock upstream to Beacon Rock. This gives us fishing opportunities for a nice stretch of river from just above the Cowlitz River to just below Bonneville Dam. Beginning April 2nd, the season will be modified with Chinook Salmon retention allowed on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays until the harvest guideline is met. Catch limits are two adult adipose fin-clipped salmonids per day, only one of which may be a Chinook.

ODFW Columbia River Spring Chinook Season

I’m interested to see how the modified season goes. Water conditions have a lot to do with catch rates and how far into April the season will be extended. Just like last year, the area below the Cowlitz River isn’t included in the season due to the low returns forecast for both the Cowlitz River and Lewis River. And while it will affect fishing for those looking to fish out of our Astoria location, with more fish getting through the lower Columbia there will be a lot of benefits for those fishing the Portland area.

Spring Fishing in Portland

No matter how long the Columbia River stays open, we’ll be looking forward to the fishing taking place on the Willamette River. The Portland area is the place to be for Springer fishing, whether the Columbia River is open or closed. We usually chase salmon through May, and sometimes even into June. Once Spring Chinook fishing on the Columbia River closes, and on the other 4 days of the week during the April season, we’ll be out on the Willamette chasing Springers.

If you would like to guarantee a little more action in your day, we also offer combination Salmon and Sturgeon trips in the spring. The sturgeon are hungry after the winter and can put up some great fights. These trips provide the opportunity to catch salmon on the incoming tide, while keeping you busy battling sturgeon when the tide runs out. Combination trips offer a  great experience for anglers of all ages and abilities. 

Let us know if you have any questions and if you’d like to get a date reserved. I’m looking forward to another fun year!