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Lance Fisher Fishing | Portland, Oregon

Four guys holding limits of Columbia River Salmon

8885 SW Canyon Rd. #127
Portland, Oregon 97225

Welcome to Portland!

Portland is one of the more unique cities in the world when it comes to world-class fishing. Located in the Portland area, you’ll find the Columbia River and Columbia River Gorge, the Willamette River, Sandy River, and Clackamas River. Because of these great fishing locations, Portland offers year-round fishing for Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon. Of course there are some months that are better than others for certain species, and I’m here to help guide you through the many fishing options that you have.

Lots of Willamette River Spring Chinook being held up under a Portland bridge.

Your Fishing Guide

Having grown up in the Portland area, I’ve fished for Salmon, Steelhead, and Sturgeon now for about 35 years. Professionally, I’ve been running guided fishing trips since 2000, when I ran my first trip targeting Clackamas River Coho/Silver Salmon. Since then I’ve hosted thousands of guests, at all ages and skill levels, from all over the world. All along I’ve striven to provide my clients with top notch equipment and state of the art boats, while having an incredible time on the water. So whether you are an individual, family, group of friends, or a company looking to entertain customers- I’m here to help with your fishing trip.

Simply call 503.447.8330 or contact us for more information or to reserve your seats.

Sweet lady with a super sweet chinook salmon from the Willamette River.

Fishing Charters- How do I book my seats?

It’s my goal to make booking your fishing charter as easy as possible. Everyone has questions and I want to be sure that your questions are answered and that we’re placing you in the fishing charter that is right for you and your situation. After you contact us, we’ll zero in on a fishery and date. I will take a credit card number for a deposit and then send a trip confirmation via email. In your trip confirmation, will be specifics on your trip (date, location, number of people fishing), what to bring, licensing information and more. Upon receipt of your trip confirmation, you’ll know your fishing charter is booked and that we’re expecting you. Of course I’m always available via phone or email to answer any questions. I’m here to make your trip effortless and enjoyable from the very start.

A limit of Columbia River Spring Chinook

Portland Fishing Calendar

Jan- March: Clackamas River and Sandy River Winter Steelhead

January-June: Willamette River catch and release Sturgeon

March-April: Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon

March-May: Willamette River Spring Chinook Salmon

May-June: Columbia River catch and release Sturgeon

May-June: Columbia and Willamette River Shad

June: Columbia River Summer Salmon

May-June: Columbia River catch and release Sturgeon

July-August: Columbia River Summer Steelhead

August-October: Columbia River Fall Chinook Salmon

September-October: Clackamas and Sandy River Coho Salmon

December: Clackamas River Winter Steelhead

Many of my guided fishing charters above are located in Portland, but none are more than an hour from downtown. Please visit my overall fishing calendar for trips in all service areas.

A sweet little girl with a nice Columbia River Spring Chinook

Columbia River- Portland area

The Columbia River runs right through Portland. Because of this, there are lots of options for the Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon that call the Columbia River home. Guided fishing trips and charters are very popular during certain parts of the year as the Columbia River still boasts very large, healthy runs. See the calendar above for run timing. Below you’ll find some of the boat ramps that I meet my customers at during various runs.

42nd Street- Gleason Boat Ramp: Located right in Portland by the Portland Airport on Marine Drive, this is a popular launch for Spring Chinook, Summer Chinook and Steelhead.

The Willamette River- Portland Area

The Willamette River is an amazing river and one of the few westerly rivers that runs south to north. It runs right through downtown Portland. The Willamette River boasts one of the largest Spring Chinook Salmon runs from March-June, which is larger than the Columbia’s when you consider the size of the river. The Willamette also hosts large populations of Sturgeon and has a huge run of Shad that arrive in May. Below you will find my favorite ramps to meet my customers at.

Fred’s Marina: Found at the head at the head of Multnomah Channel, Fred’s provides easy access to the lower Willamette and Columbia River. This is a popular launch for chartered sturgeon fishing and guided Spring Chinook Salmon fishing trips.


Willamette Park: A great ramp to launch at for Spring Chinook Salmon and catch and release Sturgeon.

Cathedral Park Boat Ramp- St. Johns: This is our launch when fishing the harbor or the head of Multnomah Channel for Spring Chinook Salmon or Sturgeon.

Sandy River

The Sandy is locate just slightly to the East of Portland. The Sandy flows out of Mt. Hood and empties into the Columbia River. The Sandy sees Winter Steelhead from February through March, and Spring Chinook in May and June.

Clackamas River

The Clackamas flows into the Willamette between Gladstone and Oregon City at a place called Clackamette Park. The Clackamas is very popular for Winter Steelhead January – March. It is easily accessed by either drift boat or jet sled, which makes it an option for most fishermen in the area. The Clackamas hosts a healthy run of native winter steelhead, and several hatchery runs. Spring Chinook enter the river in April and keep running well into June.


Fishing Licenses

Everyone fishing must have a fishing license, tag and Columbia Basin Endorsement. The Columbia Basin Endorsement is required even if we are not fishing the Columbia. This can be obtained with an annual license or with a day license. You must specify that you want the CBE with your purchase. Children’s licenses are free, but they still must have one along with their tags and CBE. Washington licenses and catch record cards are valid when fishing the Columbia River, even when launching from the Oregon side of the river. Be sure to have your license purchased before your trip. Some of the locations that we launch at do not have a place to buy your license. If you’d prefer to purchase online, you can visit the ODFW site and print your license, tag and CBE at the time of purchase.

For more information on any of our fishing trips, don’t hesitate to call 503.922.0027 or contact us.

Google Reviews for Lance Fisher Fishing Portland

Rated 5/5 across 6 reviews

All I have to say is wow. Lance is an awesome guide, very friendly and professional. This was my first time Salmon fishing and Lance made me feel like I knew what I was doing in just a few minutes. Everybody on the boat went home with Salmon, and I caught the biggest fish of my life. We caught our limit and am pretty sure many other boats did not. Great time. You cannot go wrong with Lance Fisher Fishing.

— Richard Breedlove

What great time on the river. Lance is not just another guide who has a top of the line boat and gear, he also deliver! I was super impressed when there was vary little hook up’s around us as we went on to catch our limit. I will now only book my trips with Lance Fisher Fishing.

— Michael Olsen