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It’s Time for Tillamook Steelhead!

A happy fisherman holding a Tillamook Steelhead on the Wilson River

Bright chrome fish, straight from the ocean…what could be better this time of year? Not much, and it looks like the winter steelhead run is off to a good start in Tillamook. The fish we have seen so far are bigger and brighter than last year’s fish. River levels have been low this week, but […]

NW Steelhead

Man in waders holding a Tillamook Winter Steelhead

The 2024 winter steelhead season is just getting started and we’re excited to see what it brings to the multiple rivers and locations that we fish. It’s still early in the season, but some we’ve already brought some nice fish to the boat. We brought 17 fish to the raft our last day out in […]

Update: Columbia River Summer Steelhead Fishing

Beautiful Columbia River Steelhead fillets for the grill.

Update: Fishery Closure ODFW just announced that Columbia River Steelhead and Sockeye Salmon fishery will close effective Thursday, June 25th. Stay tuned, there may be future announcements based on in-season projections. As for our trips Steelhead trips, we’ll be heading to the Lewis River and/or Cowlitz River to continue our season. June and July are […]

Lewis River Winter Steelhead

Chrome winter steelhead on the Lewis River

Spring may be right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that we’re done fishing for winter steelhead in Oregon and SW Washington. The Lewis River is only about 30 minutes out of Portland, making it a great option for anyone in the Portland Metro area. And if you are thinking about coming in from […]

Tillamook Winter Steelhead

Proud angler with his first steelhead of the season

Tillamook Steelhead Winter Steelhead fishing in Tillamook provides some incredible days of fishing. The Steelhead are mere miles out of the ocean, and with several rivers to choose from, it’s a great place to fish. This time of year I’m always keeping an eye on the river levels and while we fish in all sorts […]

Winter Steelhead Fishing- Yes it’s time for another year

Winter Steelhead- Wilson, Trask, Nestucca and Sandy Rivers

Small rivers and the opportunity to fish them for steelhead is one of my favorite things. They fight hard of course and not everyone can catch them. It makes it all interesting, challenging and even rewarding. Last year’s early run was nothing to write home about, but the late run offered up some pretty incredible […]

Wilson River Steelhead Fishing- January 27, 2013

Success while Wilson River Steelhead Fishing This past few days, a combination of river levels and the time of year is starting to make for some pretty decent steelhead fishing on the Wilson River. The low pressure moved in on Friday and dropped a little precipitation.  The graph didn’t show the river doing much of […]

Cold and Clear, No Problem

These past couple weeks have been rather trying as we’re in between the arrival of some of the early run fish and the big return of Native Broodstock and Native Steelhead that February and March is so famous for. Many just quite fishing, but we actually enjoyed some pretty decent fishing on the South Fork […]

Christmas Time Steelhead

I’ve been doing some Christmas time steelhead fishing the last couple days. I guess you could say it was time to shake the cobwebs a bit. Typically I take a couple weeks off after a marathon year of incredible fishing. You know a guy has to rest every now and then, but not very long […]

How to backtroll plugs for Steelhead

  After all these years of technological development, improved techniques and continued development of the latest in steelhead catching trends, I’ll admit it, I still really enjoy back trolling plugs.  “Pulling plugs”, as it’s called in the Northwest is the most fundamental steelhead boat technique there is.  But like most forms of fishing success, it […]