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Wilson River Steelhead Fishing- January 27, 2013

Winter Steelhead caught on the Wilson River with guide, Lance Fisher

Success while Wilson River Steelhead Fishing

This past few days, a combination of river levels and the time of year is starting to make for some pretty decent steelhead fishing on the Wilson River.

The low pressure moved in on Friday and dropped a little precipitation.  The graph didn’t show the river doing much of anything, but it was just enough to provide decent fishing both Friday and Saturday.  Low and  clear river conditions can fish like anything but by just the presense of a low pressure system.  Fish will move on a falling barometer no matter how low the river is.  Granted, they might not go very high in the system, but they will move and Friday was no exception.

By mid morning Saturday, the river was actually getting a little color to it and rising a bit.  Rising river?  Yes it was rising, but certainly not out of shape.  Fishing wasn’t red hot, but definately better than the low water, high pressure fishing of the previous two weeks on the Wilson.  Fortunately we were on the South Fork of the Nehalem and didn’t have to endure the drought.

Look for fishing to just improve with more rain and the time of year.

Keep those lines tight!