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It’s Time for Tillamook Steelhead!

A happy fisherman holding a Tillamook Steelhead on the Wilson River

Bright chrome fish, straight from the ocean…what could be better this time of year? Not much, and it looks like the winter steelhead run is off to a good start in Tillamook. The fish we have seen so far are bigger and brighter than last year’s fish. River levels have been low this week, but […]

NW Steelhead

Man in waders holding a Tillamook Winter Steelhead

The 2024 winter steelhead season is just getting started and we’re excited to see what it brings to the multiple rivers and locations that we fish. It’s still early in the season, but some we’ve already brought some nice fish to the boat. We brought 17 fish to the raft our last day out in […]

Tillamook Winter Steelhead

Proud angler with his first steelhead of the season

Tillamook Steelhead Winter Steelhead fishing in Tillamook provides some incredible days of fishing. The Steelhead are mere miles out of the ocean, and with several rivers to choose from, it’s a great place to fish. This time of year I’m always keeping an eye on the river levels and while we fish in all sorts […]

2019 Columbia River Summer Steelhead Season Begins

Limited Out with 2 Columbia River Summer Steelhead each

Columbia River Summer Steelhead Tomorrow, May 16th, we kick off the 2019 Columbia River Summer Steelhead Season. With a daily bag limit of 2 steelhead through June 30th, and 1 steelhead during the month of July, this has become a favorite fishery for many. Fishing the Columbia River below just Portland gives us the opportunity […]

Winter Steelhead Fishing: Holiday Options

a beautiful tillamook county steelhead

With Thanksgiving behind us and December upon us, I believe it is safe to talk about the upcoming steelhead season. I have already seen a few confirmed pictures of steelhead that have been caught, and that makes me optimistic for what’s to come considering we’re hardly in the thick of it at this point. Here […]

The amazing Little Cleo, and low water steelhead

In last week’s show I covered where to find steelhead when the water is low, and talked about my technique for fishing beads and other baits in low water conditions. Listen to the segments, and read the While it’s nice to get some sun, the summer-like conditions we are experiencing can be tough, but we […]

Wild Steelheaders United- Know them by their friends

I was passed on this letter earlier this week by a friend the helps keep me up to date on various fisheries issues. Many of you remember the conversation about Wild Steelheaders United, the Trout Unlimited group that’s looking to become apart of the wild steelhead conversation. They’ve clearly spent a ton of money coming […]

Steelhead- A proven low water setup

a nice steelhead on the bank next to a g. lloomis rod and shimano reel

A few days ago I posted about a segment on last weekends show that focused on locating low water steelhead. So if you’re just joining in on the discussion, reading the article and listening to the segment will add some context to what we’re talking about in this post. The float and long leader set up that I […]

Steelhead- Finding them in low water

A nice steelhead caught in low cold conditions

It’s a timely subject as we get into our first period of real low-water fishing during the prime part of the season. In the first segment of this week’s show, I get into locating steelhead and really thinking about where those fish are going to find comfort when things get low in clear. After the […]