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NW Steelhead

Man in waders holding a Tillamook Winter Steelhead

The 2024 winter steelhead season is just getting started and we’re excited to see what it brings to the multiple rivers and locations that we fish. It’s still early in the season, but some we’ve already brought some nice fish to the boat. We brought 17 fish to the raft our last day out in Tillamook. Our recent winter weather brought a lot of water to the river systems. That’s actually a good thing! Once we get through the next system and the water levels drop, it should be game on! With over 2 months of prime steelhead fishing ahead, we expect the fishing to continue to improve as we head toward spring as buds are bursting out, water temps are beginning to warm up, and there are fish moving through the rivers. What more could you ask for as spring arrives?

Tillamook Steelhead

Well-known for its multiple rivers which give us more options to choose from depending on conditions on a given day, and who doesn’t like chasing chrome right as the fish enter freshwater? With multiple rivers to choose from, we fish whichever will provide the best day of fishing for our customers. It may be the Wilson River one day and the Kilchis the next. Each river behaves differently and offers different conditions. We’ve changed this up will be running our Tillamook steelhead trips as 2 person raft trips, which offers a nice change of pace from our sled trips. The raft is framed, with seats and lean bars, and allows us to access portions of the rivers that the sleds and drift boats can’t navigate.

Portland Steelhead

There are multiple options for winter steelhead fishing within 45 minutes of Portland, with both drift boat and sled options. On the Oregon side, we have opportunities on the Sandy River and the Clackamas River. Just a short drive across the Columbia from Portland, some of the best steelhead fishing of the year takes place on the Lewis and Cowlitz Rivers. These Washington tributaries provide some nice action for anglers, and each offers a different experience. The Lewis has a larger native population, while the Cowlitz has a large hatchery run. Both offer some beautiful water and bright, feisty fish. February and March are prime time to get out.

If you prefer to chase Portland springers, let us know. The season isn’t too far away. We usually do some early trips toward the end of March and will move into prime spring chinook season in April. In the meantime, bundle up for brisk mornings and let’s chase some chrome.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to get a trip on the books. We’re always happy to help.