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Columbia River Summer Chinook Salmon Opener

A proud young man with his Columbia River Summer Chinook Salmon

The Columbia River will be open for Summer Chinook Salmon retention for five days, July 4th through July 8th, throughout the stretch from Tongue Point to Pasco, Washington. The joint-state compact met today to review options and just announced the opener. We’re excited to have a few more dates to keep fish on the Columbia […]

Winchester Bay Ocean Salmon Seasons to be set

4 happy people holding some nice winchester bay ocean salmon

With all the hubub about the Columbia River, many are wondering when Ocean Salmon numbers around Winchester Bay will be released. Anyone that fished with me for Salmon at Winchester Bay last year, got on some of the nicest Salmon of the year and lots of them! Winchester Bay and the ocean were a new stop on […]

Klickitat River Coho looking good for 2015

a big coho caught off the mouth of the klickitat river

Much was made this past week when the 2015 Fall Salmon expectations were made known. What appears to be coming is a  big number of Columbia River Fall Chinook similar to the return of 2014 that made for so many good days on the water. Deep in the page of statistics was a line that I think […]

2015 Willamette River Spring Chinook Expectations

a man holding a nice spring chinook under the glen jackson bridge in oregon city

I love fishing for Spring Chinook on the Willamette River. It offers some of the more technical fishing that I do all year and it’s close to home to boot! ODFW managers met last week, compared all their notes and offered up their prediction for the upcoming 2015 Spring Chinook run. 55,400 fish is the number […]

2015 Columbia River Spring Chinook Forecast

a young girl with a big columbia river spring chinook

People forget that it wasn’t that long ago that the Columbia River was off limits. I can remember fishing Bonneville Dam the year is first opened. The crowds, excitement and opportunity that none of us had ever experienced. It was a lot of fun and apparently for some, too much fun as the deadline for […]

Columbia River Fall Salmon Fishing looking good for 2015

a columbia river salmon being netted near buoy 10 in astoria

This past week a plethora of Columbia River return expectations came out from departments in Oregon in Washington. Take them with a grain of salt as they’re about as successful as the weatherman of the NW in predicting these things. The 2015 return of Columbia River Upriver Bright Salmon is expected to be as good or […]

Tillamook Drift Boat Fishing

a very nice limit of trask river fall chinook in tillamook

Some of you might know that I started fishing professionally rowing a boat. There’s something about the natural navigation and effort it takes to fish this way. It’s peaceful, but a moment later all hell can break loose. I love it and look forward to my time back on the sticks. Tillamook Rivers like the […]

Gorge Salmon Fishing Keeps on Going- Klickitat River, White Salmon, Deschutes River

A bunch of Klickitat River Salmon being held up next to a Willie Boat

I’ve been hanging out in the Gorge as of late. It’s beauty is unquestionable and fishing possibilities endless. Because of this, we’ve done a whole lot of moving around this year, all the while enjoying beautiful weather and some pretty good Salmon fishing. By all accounts we’re not seeing the Nintendo like fishing of last […]

Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing Mayhem

A limit of Salmon caught at Buoy 10 with guide Lance Fisher

I like to do a little more blogging than I have been able to do the last few weeks, but with the Buoy 10 Salmon fishing season, I’ve really been living hand to mouth trying to keep up with everything. Customer fishing trips, bookings, boat repairs, egg curing, radio and a little time with the […]

Winchester Bay Fishing- Salmon Catching Insanity

A limit of Winchester Bay Salmon

I apologize for the sensationalized title for this post, but I’m not sure there’s a combination of superlatives available that wouldn’t leave the description just a little bit short of the truth. Winchester Bay Salmon fishing has been on fire, it’s that simple. Limits have been the norm and we’ve seen a real nice quality of […]