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Winchester Bay Fishing- Salmon Catching Insanity

A limit of Winchester Bay Salmon

A limit of Winchester Bay Salmon

I apologize for the sensationalized title for this post, but I’m not sure there’s a combination of superlatives available that wouldn’t leave the description just a little bit short of the truth. Winchester Bay Salmon fishing has been on fire, it’s that simple. Limits have been the norm and we’ve seen a real nice quality of Chinook to boot. Most of the fishing to this point has been on a beautiful ocean just outside the mouth of the Umpqua. We’ve been fishing a stones throw off the beach and have a beautiful view of the Oregon Dunes while we’re whacking and stacking Salmon. Did I mention that we get 2 Chinook and they don’t have to be fin-clipped?

A nice fish caught at Winchester Bay

Winchester Bay is quickly becoming my favorite fishery. The town is quiet, the crowds are light and the cost to stay is relatively inexpensive at $60-$90 per night. There’s a number of good restaurants in the area and once you park the car at your hotel, everything including the dock we meet at is within walking distance. There’s even great ATV trips to be had at the Oregon Dunes which are only a mile or two away. My family and I headed over and rented quads the other day after a morning limit with my clients and had a blast.

Winchester Bay ATV's

All said, I look forward to the next week of fishing and a return trip next year with all my client friends. If you’re looking to get out, the fall fishing season is just getting underway, so feel free to connect with me and I’ll do everything I can to get you fishing.

Thanks and tight lines,

Lance Fisher