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Lance Fisher Fishing Guide- Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon

Early Steelhead Fishing Good On Tillamook Area Rivers

A nice day of fishing on the Wilson River with 3 nice steelhead.

A little nap after a year of fishing is always in order. Nearly ten months of fishing will do that to a guy. But there are a few things that will get you going again after resting up and shiny, chrome bright, missiles on the Wilson River, only a few miles out of Tillamook Bay will do […]

Columbia River Salmon Continue Downward Slide for 2017

A beautiful Salmon caught with guide, lance fisher

A little bird showed up and happened to whisper some pre-season forecasts for some of our upcoming Columbia River fishing Seasons. In 2017, Columbia River Spring Chinook continue a decline with 160,400 upriver bound fish projected to arrive at the mouth near Astoria. I wasn’t able to find the fact sheet that gave final results […]

Tillamook fishing- All about the tides and water levels

a limit of tillamook salmon

A couple weeks of really good fishing caught up to us a little bit this week as small tides and less than ideal water levels finally slowed things down a little bit. The week fishing in Tillamook started strong on the heals of another system that made the rivers come up and the fish come […]

Tillamook County Rivers Bring Shiny Gifts

Nice Tillamook area Fall Chinook Salmon

I love this time of year. Back to the roots, simplicity and basics that make drift boat fishing in Tillamook County so amazing. In it’s simplicity, the fishing is quite technical. The basics are only basics if you know them and I have so sympathy for those that don’t yet understand. I was taught by […]

Tillamook Fishing- Bays, Rivers and Weather

A nice Tillamook Bay Fall Chinook caught on a herring with guide, Lance Fisher

As a guide, this weather is giving me heart burn. I don’t remember ever seeing an October that was this wet, blustery and at times, flat out nasty. Up to the 24th of October, we have had 11.64 inches of rain in Tillamook. Compare that with 3.95 inches during the whole month of October in […]

Columbia River- So many fish, not enough time

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post, it has been a busy charter/guide season on the Columbia River to say the least. Can you believe we catch all these fish within ear shot of our Portland location? It’s hard to believe sometimes, so I’ll consider myself grateful. When I left Astoria I was’t […]

5 Rules for Guiding- the 2016 Buoy 10 Salmon Season

A nice Chinook caught at Buoy 10.

By popular demand, I started my Astoria guided fishing charters the first week of August this year. Last year’s early season beat down had all of us pretty optimistic for the first week of August despite totally different conditions. I personally didn’t think we’d see anything like what we saw in 2015 and I don’t mean to […]

All Hatchery Fish Can Now Be Kept at Buoy 10

columbia river salmon being held up by a family

Everybody knows that Sundays and Mondays at Buoy 10 are hatchery only. Don’t get me started on why with a million fish returning we need to have such restrictions, but rules are rules. On the bright side, with so many returning Chinook, the folks fishing on those days may end up with the biggest bang […]

A Glimpse of Things to Come on the Columbia River

A beautiful shot of a Columbia River Fall Chinook being silouetted aqainst the sky. The shot was taken near Portland with an underwater housing.

Anyone that’s fished with me has probably experienced the eye of a camera trying to get a shot of the wildlife, a fish you’ve caught or in this case, a fish that you’re fighting. This shot was taken with an underwater housing on my 5d Mark iii while fishing the Columbia River last fall. I […]

Columbia River Summer Steelhead- The bite is on

A lot of Columbia River summer steelhead being held by happy fishermen.

Summer steelhead fishing on the lower Columbia River has grown popular in the last 10 years. What once was a tributary show for our trips, now is a big river show as we’ve realized that we can get in front of all the fish headed up the Columbia, rather than just those on a certain […]