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Astoria Ocean Salmon Season Proposed

4 mane with their ocean salmon limits.

While this isn’t official until May, experience tells us that this is very likely going to happen. The 2021 Ocean Salmon Season for Astoria has been proposed and it looks like we’re going to have very similar opportunities to the last couple of years. It’s slated to start on June 19th with 8 days of Chinook only fishing from Leadbetter Point to Cape Falcon. On June 27th the fishery opens up to include Coho Salmon and that’s when the fun really gets started. These are the same fish that we target in August and September in the Columbia River. Proposed limits are: 2 salmon per day, one of which may be a Chinook. Any Coho kept must have a healed adipose fin clip.

Astoria really has two salmon seasons. First to open up is ocean fishing where we target Chinook and Coho Salmon just outside of the mouth of the Columbia River and north to south within about 10 miles. The early season gives us a crack at the June Hogs that are entering the Columbia River, as well as some Coho. As the summer goes on, the Coho get bigger and Chinook Salmon continue to arrive at the doorstep of the Columbia. By the time Buoy 10 opens up, things are going nutso and at that point we’re able to target those same salmon in the estuary itself as they begin their run up the Columbia.

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