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Columbia River Keeper Sturgeon Seasons

4 happy guys with their Columbia River keeper sturgeon

2024 UPDATE: Current Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon retention on the Columbia River will wrap up on March 14th, 2024. We had a few days of retention in the Dalles Pool and John Day Pool that some anglers enjoyed, but we don’t need retention days to chase sturgeon! In fact, the first half of the year is busy with catch-and-release sturgeon fishing in the Portland area. Enjoy the spring weather and be ready for some action. If you prefer targeting trophy sturgeon in Astoria, we’re already taking reservations. Either way,  join us to wrangle big fish to the boat in the 2024. It will be a day to remember!

February 9th, 2024 UPDATE: Columbia River Astoria Sturgeon Retention

Due to continued decline in the number of Columbia River sturgeon, managers from ODFW and WDFW will not recommending a 2024 keeper sturgeon season in Astoria. The white sturgeon population needs some time to grow, and we can support that through our catch and release fisheries. That just gives us more days to target trophy sturgeon in the Astoria area this June and July. We’re geared up and ready for the challenge.

Astoria Keeper Sturgeon Season

Each February/March we wait to see what the year will bring in terms of a keeper season in the Columbia River Estuary. As the water begins to warm up in the estuary, sturgeon from all over converge to gorge on the bait fish that have arrived. It’s an exciting time in Astoria. Keeper sturgeon are typically 20-40 lbs, which will provide many delicious meals. Smoke it. Grill it. Fry it. Kabob it. Do whatever you like. The firm, white, boneless flesh from a sturgeon can be used in almost every way imaginable. Come join us to wrangle some fish!

Columbia River Trophy Sturgeon Season

The fun doesn’t end on the Columbia River or in Astoria when retention end, we simply shift gears to our Astoria Trophy Sturgeon season, one of the most action packed fisheries of the year. We’ll be fighting these fish through July, where anglers of all ages and abilities can take on big fish on light gear. Sometimes we’re in 3-6 feet of water, and it’s not uncommon to see sturgeon launch out of the water as you’re reeling them in. There’s no other fishing experience like it in the world, and once you’ve taken part, you’ll be hooked.

Sturgeon fishing, whether for retention or catch-and-release, has become a favorite trip for many of our customers. Dates fill up quickly. Questions? Ready to reserve your seat? Let us know how we can help!