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It’s Time for Tillamook Steelhead!

A happy fisherman holding a Tillamook Steelhead on the Wilson River

Bright chrome fish, straight from the ocean…what could be better this time of year? Not much, and it looks like the winter steelhead run is off to a good start in Tillamook. The fish we have seen so far are bigger and brighter than last year’s fish. River levels have been low this week, but […]

Best fishing of the year? It may be now.

A limit of Wilson River steelhead.

Tillamook county had a good week of fishing. Everywhere it should have been good, it was and much of the week, the fishing was excellent. Knowing you’re on fish is always nice and it caused me to wonder, “Will this years’ winter steelhead season be the best fishing of the year?” Double digit days fishing […]

Tillamook Drift Boat Fishing

a very nice limit of trask river fall chinook in tillamook

Some of you might know that I started fishing professionally rowing a boat. There’s something about the natural navigation and effort it takes to fish this way. It’s peaceful, but a moment later all hell can break loose. I love it and look forward to my time back on the sticks. Tillamook Rivers like the […]

Fall Fishing- Ready, set, GO!

salmon caught with guide Lance Fisher on the Columbia River near Astoria and Buoy 10

The next four months are really the creme de la creme for Salmon fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Millions of Salmon will make their way into their natal rivers over the course of the next several months and we’ll be there, with rods, reels and barbeque’s in hand. I’ll be starting the season this year […]

Winter Steelhead Fishing- Yes it’s time for another year

Winter Steelhead- Wilson, Trask, Nestucca and Sandy Rivers

Small rivers and the opportunity to fish them for steelhead is one of my favorite things. They fight hard of course and not everyone can catch them. It makes it all interesting, challenging and even rewarding. Last year’s early run was nothing to write home about, but the late run offered up some pretty incredible […]

Klickitat River Salmon Fishing Beat Down

Could Klickitat River Salmon fishing get any better? Superlitives really don’t do justice to the fishing that is happening right now at the mouth of the Klickitat River on the Columbia.  BIG numbers and it seems like it’s just getting better.  Adults, jacks and an occassional sturgeon just can’t help themselves with the finally cured […]

Pray for rain?

Yes I said it.  I’d like you all to pray for rain.  No, I haven’t lost my marbles.  I’m of perfect, well, somewhat perfect mind and I’d really like to go steelhead fishing. This years winter has, to this point, put the dampers on much of the steelhead fishing that we could have experienced by […]

Wilson River Steelhead Fishing- January 27, 2013

Success while Wilson River Steelhead Fishing This past few days, a combination of river levels and the time of year is starting to make for some pretty decent steelhead fishing on the Wilson River. The low pressure moved in on Friday and dropped a little precipitation.  The graph didn’t show the river doing much of […]

Christmas Time Steelhead

I’ve been doing some Christmas time steelhead fishing the last couple days. I guess you could say it was time to shake the cobwebs a bit. Typically I take a couple weeks off after a marathon year of incredible fishing. You know a guy has to rest every now and then, but not very long […]