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Pray for rain?

Yes I said it.  I’d like you all to pray for rain.  No, I haven’t lost my marbles.  I’m of perfect, well, somewhat perfect mind and I’d really like to go steelhead fishing.

This years winter has, to this point, put the dampers on much of the steelhead fishing that we could have experienced by now.  Weeks without rain might be good for the serotonin levels, but it makes consistent steelhead fishing a little tough to come by.  Both the Wilson and Nestucca Rivers are both a bit skimpy right now, in fact you might say, “July like skimpy”, except with a 40 degree temperature.

So what does a guy do?

For the last couple weeks now I’ve been cancelling most trips and trying to book those clients a little farther out.  Yes, some have insisted and we’ve managed to find a few fish, but by and large it’s been tough sledding.  March could still provide us with great fishing, if mother nature would cooperate and really, at this point, that’s what I expect.  If you see days and days of rain, it’s probably time to give your guide a call as there’s probably some pretty decent fishing right around the corner.

Steelhead fishing is great fun and I’d rather have my clients enjoy the possibility of some decent fishing rather than a glorified boat ride.  I appreciate the confidence you all put in me and I’d like to be a good steward with your time and money.

So yes, pray for rain and prosper!

Tight Lines,