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Astoria Salmon Fishing – Here’s What’s on Deck

4 Happy Guys with their Salmon

It’s June and the weather isn’t the only thing heating up around here. Salmon fishing on the Oregon Coast is about to take center stage and I’m looking forward to it! Astoria is the place to be if you’re in search of a guided fishing trip or charter for salmon. Astoria Ocean Salmon Fishing The […]

Memorial Day Fishing on the Oregon Coast

Father and son with their bottom fish catch!

Many people enjoy getting out of town to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend with friends and family. This year was no different and the Oregon Coast had some beautiful weather that was perfect for fishing. It’s just the start of summer and we’re excited for all of the fishing that will take place in the […]

Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing Mayhem

A limit of Salmon caught at Buoy 10 with guide Lance Fisher

I like to do a little more blogging than I have been able to do the last few weeks, but with the Buoy 10 Salmon fishing season, I’ve really been living hand to mouth trying to keep up with everything. Customer fishing trips, bookings, boat repairs, egg curing, radio and a little time with the […]

2014 Columbia River Fall Chinook Fishing

Columbia River Fall Chinook Fishing Forecast

Big Fall Chinook returns are in store for the upcoming year on the Columbia River. On the heals of the recent Columbia River Coho predictions, yesterdays release of expected 2014 Fall Chinook returns will have fishermen throughout the region excited about what’s to come. We’ve seen some nice returns since the early 2000’s, but we’ve […]

2014 Columbia River Coho Salmon Season is Forecasted to be Exceptional

Forecast chart for Columbia River Coho Salmon

Walking around the Sportsman Show this past week, a friend of mine walked up and shoved a phone in my face. “Look!”, he said as I began scanning through a document that he had pulled up on his phone. It was the forecast for arriving Coho to the Columbia for 2014 and I was looking […]

Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing- Better than predicted

Many of you may know that my boat of the last three years has been sold and a new one will be here and ready Monday just in time for  17 days of Buoy 10 madness.  I scheduled the whole boat build in between summer steelhead and the buoy 10 season so as to not […]

Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing- Make your move

Many of my customers don’t just fish with me, but also do a bunch of fishing on their own.  The Buoy 10 fishery in Astoria on the Lower Columbia River is one of those fisheries that at times looks really easy, but as many of you may know there’s more to it than just showing […]

Columbia River Fall Salmon fishing looking even better

Most of the email alerts that I get aren’t much.  A sucker fish had a baby.  Manatee falls in love with whale, etc.  Typical headlines that are quickly jettisoned into my cyber trash can.  But occasionally such a release actually means something like the one I got last week on this year’s Columbia River Fall […]

Ocean and Mouth of the Columbia River Coho looking much improved

I have to admit right now, I didn’t miss the lack of Coho Salmon last year.  I say this with full understanding that had the Chinook not shown up in the salt and river the way they did, it would have been curtains for sure.  But fortunately for sports and charter boats alike, the Ocean […]