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Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing- Better than predicted

Many of you may know that my boat of the last three years has been sold and a new one will be here and ready Monday just in time for  17 days of Buoy 10 madness.  I scheduled the whole boat build in between summer steelhead and the buoy 10 season so as to not interfere with our fishing opportunities.  I looked at the tides in January on the basis of the last couple years decided that things would probably get rolling around the 13th of August and boy was I wrong.

Typically we’ll have a couple days of decent fishing around the opener- the handful of fish that are in the river get caught and things get slow for a couple weeks until the tides and calendar align.  August started just like I planned with a few decent to good days of fishing, but it hasn’t stopped.

Fishing has continued to be decent to good and the big surprise is the number of Coho/Silvers around this early.  Early Chinook are typical, but there have been a surprising number of Coho in the system.  Early returns of Coho bode well for peak returns later on in the month and the sustained early Chinook results during less than optimal tides makes me thing that 2013 may be more than just the typically awesome Salmon fishing.

Excited?  You bet and I look forward to seeing you all in the new boat over the next few months of fall fishing.  I’ll have a blog up next week with pictures of the new boat and with fishing in Astoria at Buoy 10 starting Wednesday for me and my customers, expect some fun photos to follow suit.

Thanks and tight lines,