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Memorial Day Fishing on the Oregon Coast

Father and son with their bottom fish catch!

Many people enjoy getting out of town to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend with friends and family. This year was no different and the Oregon Coast had some beautiful weather that was perfect for fishing. It’s just the start of summer and we’re excited for all of the fishing that will take place in the next few months.

Columbia River Sturgeon

Keeper Sturgeon season has been keeping us busy in Astoria. As the water temps warm up and more bait fish move into the Columbia River Estuary, the number of sturgeon will increase as well. Although we’re fully booked through the rest of the keeper season, some of the best fishing action in the Northwest takes place after the keeper season ends. Our guided fishing trips will be targeting Trophy Sturgeon during June and July. In addition to being a busy fishery that keeps your rod dancing, you may be reeling in an 8 foot sturgeon that puts up a fabulous fight. One of the unique conditions that makes this fishery so exciting is the shallow depths in which we’re often fishing. Imagine a sturgeon that’s longer than you in as little as 4 feet of water. That huge fish may jump out of the water while fighting against being brought in. It’s an experience that you won’t soon forget. Although this is a catch and release fishery, there’s a sense of awe in watching a sturgeon swim away as it’s released  If trophy sturgeon fishing isn’t on your bucket list, maybe it should be.

Tillamook is Full of Choices

Down in Tillamook, spring chinook salmon fishing had a slow start but is starting to pick up. Perfect timing to do some salmon fishing while enjoying the coast this summer. The best opportunity has been on the incoming tide as the salmon are pushed into Tillamook Bay. The wind has been picking up during the day, which makes us appreciate our early morning launch times. Our bottom fishing trips have been enjoying small tides and good fishing. This fishery is another exciting one that keeps you busy with fast action. We’ve had kids as young as 5 years old bring in their first lingcod. Watching their faces as they fight with all of their strength and then finally see the fish break the surface is priceless. One young man went out with the goal of landing a lingcod. He was thrilled when we realized he had caught a double!

Summer Smorgasbord

Lots of other fishing options to choose from now that it’s summertime in Oregon. Here are a few more that we’re already booking guided fishing trips for:

Columbia River Steelhead Fishing: open now – July

Ocean Salmon Fishing: opens June 22nd

Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing: opens August 1st

Questions? Looking to get out on one of our trips? Contact us on our Questions and Reservations Page