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The amazing Little Cleo, and low water steelhead

In last week’s show I covered where to find steelhead when the water is low, and talked about my technique for fishing beads and other baits in low water conditions. Listen to the segments, and read the


While it’s nice to get some sun, the summer-like conditions we are experiencing can be tough, but we articles from last week’s show and you’ll have a better idea of what I’m talking about this week. have ideal temps. Anytime you are steelheading or fishing for salmon and have temperatures in the fifties, you’re on to something, and the fish are not going to stop coming in. You just have to adjust, and approach things a little differently.

I cut my teeth on summer steelhead before I ever tried winter steelhead, and I learned from those low water situations. One thing that can be effective in low water is hardware, and one bait I have a lot of faith in during low water conditions are the Little Cleo spoons. Little Cleo’s and steelhead were meant for each other. When it comes to hardware, it’s a little different animal, and it is designed beautifully for NW Oregon and SW Washington rivers.

The Little Cleo will sink quickly, more quickly than most spinners. A spinner will start to spin as it falls through the water, and that keeps it from getting down real deep. Cast this spoon and let it sink 7, 8, or 9 feet before you start the retrieve.

It works wonderfully on Nestucca steelhead. It just seems that steelhead were born to crush a Little Cleo. It does something to certain steelhead that yarn balls or a bead will not do. Some fish are pre-disposed to strike hardware, and the Little Cleo does that better than other spoons in low water conditions.

It’s always a good idea to carry a hardware rod when fishing for steelhead, and my favorite is the 9000S IMX G-Loomis spinning rod. It’s a 6 to 12 lb test, seven and a half foot rod that is excellent for hardware. It’s just a real sweet spinning rod. Carry a hardware rod, and try the Little Cleo on steelhead near you.

For more tidbits, listen to the segment from the radio show where I talk about this little lure in depth.

Low Water Steelhead- The Little Cleo

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