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Oregon Fishing: Summer Starts Now

Couple holding a sturgeon before they release it

May and June offer a variety of fishing opportunities. We try to run our guided fishing trips and charters where the fish are and currently that’s Astoria, Portland, and Tillamook. We’re fishing for sturgeon, salmon, steelhead, and bottom fish, which gives lots of options to choose from depending on where you live or are vacationing.

Keeper Sturgeon on the Columbia River

2 men with a keeper sturgeon

Columbia River Keeper Sturgeon season is currently underway in Astoria. This is a favorite fishery where the fight is as good as the eating. ODFW limits the season each year to protect the sturgeon population. This year they gave us 11 days of fishing, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, through June 5th. We’ve been out fishing on the allowed days and scouting on the other days to find the best fishing spots. The fish we caught yesterday were about 40 pounds and were a lot of fun to bring in. We still have a few openings, including tomorrow, May 22nd. Let us know if you’d like to get out.

Willamette River Spring Fishing

Spring Salmon fishing on the Willamette River has been slower than normal. If you know Oregon, you know that springtime weather in Oregon is always changing. While we enjoyed the sunshine on those 80-90 degree days, those rays caused the Willamette River to warm up to 64°. Last year the river was averaging 61° in May. The recent cooler, rainy weather has dropped the river down to 56°. We are hoping that fishing will improve, but fish don’t follow calendars, and we have to follow their lead. Knowing this, many people opt for a combo trip on the Willamette, where we fish for Catch and Release Sturgeon in addition to Springers. 

Fishing Options in Tillamook

man holding a halibut

Near-shore Halibut season opened up on May 9th and we’ve been fishing for them out of Tillamook. The season is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through May. Once June comes, we can fish for halibut every day of the week, in addition to other species. Tillamook is a great place for combo trips. This time of year, there’s opportunity for bottom fish, salmon, halibut, and crab. Bottom fish limits are 2 ling cod over 22” and 5 rockfish per day. While crabbing is best September through December, we’re happy to throw the pots down to soak anytime we fish if conditions allow. Pricing for our guided fishing trips is the same, whether you want to target one species or go after several in one day. 

We have lots of fishing options to choose from in the next month before Ocean Salmon Fishing opens up on June 22nd. Happy to get you out for whichever trip you prefer.

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