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Tillamook Bay Fishing

A nice load of Salmon caught in Tillamook County with guide, Lance Fisher

Tillamook Bay is one of the great fishing destinations in the West. Tillamook Bay is host to five different Salmon and steelhead producing rivers (Wilson, Trask, Kilchis, Tillamook and Miami). Along with the bay, you’ve also got a great ocean with plenty of opportunity as well. Most of the fishing done in the bay by anglers is for either Spring Chinook, Fall Chinook or Coho. Anglers are able to ambush these fish as they work their way through the various ditches and flats that make up one of the best Salmon producing fisheries anywhere. We run our guided fishing charters during the best months only. We run the best boats in the fleet and equipment from G. Loomis and Shimano. Tillamook Bay offers some serious big fish opportunities and because of this, we’re pretty serious about making sure your opportunities get the best equipment made.

Bill Chinook live in Tillamook. This one was caught on a charter with guide , Lance Fisher

Tillamook Guided Spring Chinook Salmon Charters

Tillamook Bay Spring Chinook enter the river in May and are available to anglers through June. These are the largest of any of the Spring Chinook varieties, with fish into the 30 pound class. For more information about fishing for these great fish, visit my Tillamook Bay Spring Chinook page.

Lots of Salmon caught in a Tillamook River.

Tillamook Guided Fall Chinook Salmon Charters

Tillamook Bay Fall Chinook start entering the bay and rivers in September and they keep coming clear into December. This is one of the most remarkable runs of Salmon anywhere and with five tributaries providing us with returning Salmon, it’s no wonder that Tillamook Bay has a reputation far and wide as one of the best. For more information on fall Salmon fishing in Tillamook, visit my Tillamook Bay Fall Chinook page.

A big Tillamook County Salmon caught with guide, Lance Fisher on a charter.

Tillamook Area Rivers

There are also several rivers with in Tillamook County that I fishing during the fall. The Nestucca River, Wilson River and Trask River are all legendary producers of Fall Chinook activity. These fishing charters are run with my sled or drift boat. Drift boat trips are two or three person trips and limited to about a month of fishing per year. Many of the largest fish caught in my career have been caught out of a drift boat on Tillamook area rivers. These are very popular guided trips, so book your drift boat trips early.

Accommodations while fishing Tillamook Bay:

While there are several hotels in the area, most of our clients stay at the Garibaldi House in Garibaldi. The Garibaldi House is accustomed to having fishermen and as a result do a nice job servicing their needs. From early morning breakfast to pre-ordered box lunches handed to you on your way out the door, the Garibaldi house is a fabulous place to stay while fishing Tillamook Bay. Make sure that you mention that you’re fishing with Lance Fisher Fishing and you’ll receive 20% off your room.

Food in the Area:

Surprisingly there isn’t a ton of great food on the coast. Not quite sure why, but regardless, there are a few places in Tillamook that will help you enjoy your stay. For breakfast, Downie’s Cafe is great. They are located in Bay City and the ladies there do a very nice job. Pizza is good at Main Street Pizza. Nothing fancy, but it works. Outside of these two locations, I’m not willing to put my name on anything. Fortunately the fishing is a lot better than the food!

Getting your fish home:

Your fish will always be filleted after your trip with us. For vacuum packing and smoking, Debbie D’s does a great job. Debbie has been in Tillamook for many years and is a sweet lady to chat it up with while your fish is being processed. What if you’re flying home? We get this question a lot. If you’re flying home, you’re allowed 5.5 pounds of dry ice in your cooler. After Debbie processes your fish, she can help you pack it up or you can purchase everything, including dry ice, at just down the road at Fred Meyer. I’ve added FAA details and maps to make it easier to get your tasty fish home safely.

For any questions you might have about Tillamook Bay fishing, or to simply book a trip, feel free to call  contact me online.

For additional Salmon fishing possibilities, visit my Salmon fishing page.