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Clackamas River Winter Steelhead Fishing

Clackamas River winter steelhead begin entering the river in December. Fishing begins to really get going about Christmas and my clients can expect decent to excellent fishing through April.

The Clackamas River winter steelhead run is made up of Eagle Creek hatchery fish, Native stocks headed into traditional spawning grounds and a native broodstock run that really provides anglers with some fabulous fishing. Clackamas River steelhead are great fighters and will bite a variety offerings, but side drifting is king on the Clackamas.

Side drifting allows for my clients to experience hands on fishing for one of the great light tackle species. Nine foot rods and small reels spooled with #10 pound line make for great fun on fish that run between 8 and 15 pounds. We side drift small gobs of eggs and cover lots of water in doing so.

I fish up to four anglers out of my 25′ Willie Raptor. This is a great platform for side drifting as the boat also has a 7′ bottom. If you have any further questions regarding Clackamas River winter steelhead, just give me a call.

For those of you looking for other winter steelhead opportunities that I have for clients, visit my Cowlitz River steelhead fishing page.

Also, for those of you that are traveling into the area from out of town, this is a great trip to combine with a day of Salmon fishing on the Willamette River, or even some sturgeon fishing. Let me know if you need accommodations, I have a variety of options depending on how you structure your trip.

For any questions you might have, or to simply book a trip, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help.