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Best Late Fall Portland Area Fishing

Lewis River Fall Salmon

Fall certainly arrived in the Portland/Vancouver area. While we’ve had some good rain showers, we’ve also had some blue skies and some great times on the water. Late Fall Portland area fishing is going strong, with our sturgeon season already underway and another month of salmon fishing to look forward to. Portland Area Salmon By […]

October Salmon Fishing – Let’s Go!

Happy lady with her Chinook salmon in Tillamook Bay

UPDATE: HATCHERY COHO RETENTION LEWIS RIVER EXTENDED! We’re halfway through October and the Pacific Northwest continues to provide multiple opportunities for Fall Salmon fishing. We’ve been fishing on the Northern Oregon Coast, in the Portland area on the Lewis, and in the Columbia River Gorge, but the Columbia is winding down for the year. While […]

Columbia River Fall Salmon fishing looking even better

Most of the email alerts that I get aren’t much.  A sucker fish had a baby.  Manatee falls in love with whale, etc.  Typical headlines that are quickly jettisoned into my cyber trash can.  But occasionally such a release actually means something like the one I got last week on this year’s Columbia River Fall […]