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Summer Fishing on the Columbia River – Happening Now

Summer Steelhead fishing as a family on the Columbia River

Columbia River Steelhead

Last Thursday the Columbia River re-opened for Summer Steelhead fishing and we couldn’t be happier. What could be better than watching the sunrise from the river while plunking coonshrimp for steelhead?  We’ve had beautiful weather and nice fishing opportunities every day so far. The Columbia River Steelhead season is only open through July 31st, so let us know if you would like to get out just west of Portland to chase some chrome.

Astoria Sturgeon

Fish have been jumping and providing some epic days of fishing in Astoria. The Columbia River Estuary water has warmed up, which brings sturgeon from the river and ocean to chase schools of baitfish. We’ve had days where we bring in 25+ oversized sturgeon, including some over 9’ long. Talk about an action-packed day! We’ve even caught a few of the elusive green sturgeon, including this one that measured about 6.5’ in length. There is still lots of sturgeon fishing to be done, as we’ll be fishing for sturgeon until the river opens up for Buoy 10 Salmon next month. Trophy sturgeon fishing is loved by anglers of all ages and experience levels. Who doesn’t enjoy battling these prehistoric fish?

Elusive green sturgeon in Astoria

Columbia River Buoy 10 Salmon

We’re counting down the days until August 14th, the day the Columbia River opens up for Fall Chinook fishing at Buoy 10. Coho Salmon are already staging outside the mouth of the river, and when conditions allow we are getting out to fish for salmon in the ocean. The Chinook Salmon are still making their way down the coastline and we are excited for them to arrive in the Astoria area soon. The Buoy 10 Chinook Salmon season goes through August 27th, and we still have some availability. After that we’ll be fishing for ocean fresh Coho in the Buoy 10 area, and Chinook in the Portland area for some select days.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to get a trip booked. We’re always happy to discuss options and opportunities with you.