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Lance Fisher Fishing Guide- Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon

Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing

A full catch at buoy 10 with fishing guide lance fisher

Buoy 10 Salmon fishing in Astoria, Oregon is probably one of the top Salmon fisheries anywhere. But before I go any further on the fishing, many people ask me, “what is buoy 10?”.

“Buoy 10” is actually a buoy out towards the mouth of the Columbia River. Buoy 10 is merely the outbound deadline for fisherman before entering a no fishing zone on the bar. But the name signifies far more than just a buoy. When you hear guides and regulars to the area refer to Buoy 10, they’re actually referring to the ocean out in front of the Columbia River to a point up around Tongue Point about 10 miles away.

Kids with their fishing catch of Buoy 10 Salmon

Buoy 10 Salmon fishing actually starts out in the Ocean sometime in July as hundreds of thousands of fish show up and stage off the mouth of the Columbia River. Coho and Chinook alike gorge themselves on the abundant bait available in the area off the mouth of the river and when things are just right, they’ll enter the Columbia destined for their home spawning grounds.

The Fall Chinook will be the first to enter the river. Sometime during the first week of August, thousands of fish will enter the river on every incoming tide. Chinook will remain a viable part of the catch through the end of the month. Sportfishermen will ambush these incoming fish with a combination of herring and spinners. Buoy 10 Fall Chinook are great biters and the action can borderline chaos when the bite is on.

A nice Salmon caught fishing Buoy 10 with guide, Lance Fisher

Buoy 10 Coho/Silver Salmon start showing up around the third week of August and remain in good numbers through the middle of September, at which time I either head to the Mouth of the Cowlitz River, Bonneville Dam and above the dam at the Mouth of the Klickitat near Hood River, Oregon. Run strength and size can change from year to year and with the locations a mere 20-40 minutes apart, there’s no reason not to be flexible. Buoy 10 Coho/Silver Salmon are some of the best biting Salmon there are and it’s not uncommon to have 20-30 opportunities in a day…..Dare I say even more?

A nice Coho Salmon caught at Buoy 10 by this young kid

Some of my clients come to our Astoria location for simple day trips and many come for multi day trips. We’re glad to help either way and know those coming in from outside the area may need a little help. Please find some of the links below that can assist you in planning your trip and by all means, call, or email me for any reason.

For any questions you might have, or to simply book a trip, email me, or call (503) 680-6809.