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Oregon Ocean Salmon Seasons

Salmon limits for everyone with ocean fishing out of Astoria

Northern Oregon Coast Salmon Fishing

The Pacific Ocean off the Northern Oregon Coast provides a variety of salmon options from May through October. Whether you prefer Chinook, Coho, or are just looking for a fun day on the ocean, there are options to choose from. We’ll be offering guided fishing trips for both spring and fall ocean salmon out of Astoria and Tillamook

*Update – Ocean Salmon Seasons*

2023 Astoria Ocean Salmon Season

The Pacific Ocean Salmon season near Astoria opened on June 24th, and this year we again have an All Salmon Ocean season where we can chase both Chinook and Coho in the Astoria area. The daily bag limit is 2 adult salmon, only one of which can be a Chinook. Chinook must be at least 22” while Coho must have healed adipose fins (be hatchery salmon) and be at least 16” in length, although let’s all hope we’re not keeping 16” Coho! Ocean fishing is expected to continue through September 30th this year, which gives us lots of days on the water. September also adds the possibility of dropping the crab pots during our Astoria salmon trips. It’s always nice to take home both salmon and crab.

2023 Tillamook Ocean Coho Salmon Season

In Tillamook, the Coho salmon season opened June 17th and runs through August 31st. This is a mark-selective coho salmon, where only hatchery fish may be retained. These fin-clipped fish are known for being feisty and they can provide some nice action in the Tillamook area. Beginning September 1st, we’ll move into a non-mark selective coho season which allows anglers to retain both hatchery and native coho through September 30th. 

2023 Tillamook Ocean Chinook Salmon Season

The Tillamook ocean Chinook salmon season will coincide with the non-mark selective coho season this year. That means if you catch it, you can keep it – native or hatchery! Fall Chinook  retention will be allowed from September 1st through October 31st, which gives us 2 full months of fishing in the Tillamook area. To be retained, all adult Chinook must be at least 24” in length and the daily bag limit of 2 salmon (1 adult chinook) per day. As the fish move from salt water to fresh water, we’ll follow them through the bays and up into the rivers, giving us almost 6 months of Chinook salmon fishing in Tillamook.

2023 Newport Ocean Salmon Seasons

Newport, Oregon is one of the best towns on the Oregon Coast to launch from for ocean fishing and we’ve had some incredible fishing already this year. It’s located about 70 miles south of Tillamook and follows the same 2023 ocean salmon regulations as Tillamook. Hatchery coho retention opened on June 17th and will run through August 31st. On September 1st, the area opens wide for retention of all salmon. Anglers will be able to keep any Coho or Chinook salmon they catch, as long as it meets the minimum size.

Proud woman showing off her chinook salmon out of Astoria

Astoria Salmon

The timing of the Ocean Salmon season coincides with some of the best known fisheries that take place at the mouth of the Columbia River in Astoria. From the end of May through July we’ll be offering combination trips, fishing for both Ocean Salmon and Columbia River Trophy Sturgeon during trips, when conditions allow. Our new 34′ center-console Venture allows us to add opportunities for ling cod and bottom fish, either at Tillamook Head or the Astoria Canyon. Both of these trip options are a fairly quick trip with the twin 300 hp motors we have onboard. Talk about a smorgasbord! When we switch to the Buoy 10 Columbia River Fall Salmon season in August, we will fish either the ocean or the river, whichever one provides the best experience for the day. 

Chinook Salmon caught on the Pacific Ocean.

Tillamook Ocean Fishing

Tillamook is typically full of opportunities for ocean fishing from April through September. Our guided fishing trips can focus on Coho or Chinook Salmon, or we’re happy to get you out for a combination trip where we fish for salmon and bottom fish during the same trip. Combo trips are a favorite. Lots of fun to be had while chasing multiple species of fish, including Ling Cod and sometimes Halibut. When we are able to, we throw in the crab pots to add some Dungeness Crab to the day’s haul. It can be a smorgasbord of seafood!

If you know our guiding philosophy, we follow the fish, wherever they may be. That means as they move into the bays and rivers in Tillamook, we do as well. This allows us to offer a season beyond the ocean season, and also allows us to fish on days when the ocean may be a little too rough to be enjoyable. We want you to have the best experience possible when you’re out with us. When it’s possible, we’re always happy to throw the crab pots out in addition to fishing. Who doesn’t like a fisherman’s feast?

Kids love catching coho salmon on the Oregon Coast

The Northern Oregon coast provides a variety of Ocean Salmon opportunities from May through October. Whether you’re in Tillamook or Astoria, there are great places to eat, and lots of sights to see once you’re done fishing. We’re more than willing to discuss options with you to help come up with the perfect trip for you.

Please contact us with any questions or to book your trip. We’re always happy to help.