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Ocean Fishing Charters from Astoria

Astoria Ocean Fishing Charters

The feeding grounds of the Pacific Ocean are only a short boat ride from the ports of Astoria, Warrenton, Hammond and Ilwaco. And the ride is even shorter in a 40+ mile-an-hour hour boat. When you’re considering who to fish with for your day on the ocean, this should be a big part of your decision. On a decent day, from the launch, we can be over the bar and in the Pacific in about 20 minutes.

salmon caught on the columbia river and ocean with guide lance fisher

We have a two different options for our ocean trips. Our newest option is a 34′ Venture, center-console that fishes up to 5 anglers for most trips. I’ll be running this boat for salmon, halibut, bottom fish, lingcod, and tuna. This boat is built for speed and comfort. It even has a bathroom on board, making it our premium option! We’re also running our classic sled option – boats like my 2014, 25′ Willie Raptor, that can fish up to 6 very comfortably. Yes, we charge a bit more than the large charter boats for the ability to fish a small number of fishermen and to get to the fishing grounds quickly. I can assure you that those that endure a day on a “cattle” boat (one of the large charter boats) with 30 of their closest friends trying to find fish in a 15 mph “tug boat”, would have gladly paid a few extra bucks as we fly by other boats in comfort. The ocean, and even the Columbia River, is a big place and we regularly need to make moves that might take us 5 to 20 miles. Often times, because of fuel costs and the amount of time that it takes to move a large vessel like that, the captains simply don’t make the moves they need to make to put their clients consistently on fish.

Some people will mention that they “have a much larger group than a 6 person boat can handle.” No worries. We can get you out in multiple boats.  In fact, the tournament aspect of fishing several boats is a lot of fun. We even have groups that take this concept to the next level by having dinner/banquet get-togethers after the day of fun.

a limit catch of salmon while fishing on the columbia river near astoria

Just let me know, I’ll be glad to accommodate you in whatever manner you need.

The Ocean Salmon Season usually runs from July until the middle of August. By the middle of August, nearly all of the charter boats prefer to fish Buoy 10 in the river as most of the fish have moved into the confines of the Columbia. For more on the Astoria August to September fishery on the Columbia River visit my Astoria Buoy 10 Salmon Fishing page. For information on my Sturgeon Charter fishing trips, visit my Astoria Estuary Sturgeon Fishing page.

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For any questions you might have about ocean fishing charters from Astoria, or to simply book a trip, contact us.