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Fishing Photography

Central Oregon High Lakes Vacation-East Lake

I love Central Oregon. The smells of juniper, pine and sagebrush put a smile on my face. The feel of the cool mornings on my often sun burnt skin while I enjoy my first cup of coffee. It’s a special place all on it’s own, but with a personal history, it’s much more. I look […]

Trip Photos Now Available

fishing photos

Over the past two years I have shot over 8,000 photos. Of course shooting the photos is only the half of it as each of these RAW images also need processed and then put in a place that everyone can access them. So after considerable thought and effort, I feel like we have a great […]

Lapwai Dreams

Lapwai Creek Coho

I’m very blessed to be able to do what I do. I love fishing and the stories that grow up around it. It’s an incredible world of struggle and accomplishment that very much resembles the plight of man. On a recent trip to Idaho, I had the opportunity to tour some of the Nez Perce […]