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Trip Photos Now Available

fishing photos

A limit catch of salmon on the Columbia River near Astoria with guide Lance Fisher

Over the past two years I have shot over 8,000 photos. Of course shooting the photos is only the half of it as each of these RAW images also need processed and then put in a place that everyone can access them. So after considerable thought and effort, I feel like we have a great solution and process to make sure that everyone is getting to see their photos in a timely manner.

Why do I charge for the photos?

Today’s professional cameras run between $2000 and $6000 dollars with lenses ranging from $500 to $2500. After our day on the water, I then take your photos and have them professionally edited so that they look incredible and actually get done- remember, I do have to fish! The images are high resolution and actually connected to a photo lab so you’ll be able to choose your photos and have them processed in one fell swoop. How cool is that?!?! If all you’re wanting is the downloaded version of the photo that will also be available by simply visiting the portal.

As a gift or personal memory- your trip photos are a great way to preserve the past!

Follow these simple step by step instructions:

Shortly after your trip, you will receive an email with a link to your online photo gallery where you will be able to view and purchase digital copies or order prints.

-Click on the link to take you to your album

-Enter password provided

-View gallery of photos

-Click on image to enlarge

If you would like to buy an image:

-Click image you would like to buy

-Click ‘Buy Image’

-Choose from multiple size, quality and quantity options. If you would like large canvas prints, select ‘products’ on the top right hand corner and you will see a list of more available options.

-After selecting sizes, qualities and quantities click ‘Check Out’

-You will be directed to a page where you can change the cropping or quantity and review your price

-If everything looks good click ‘Check Out’

-You can then either login to your Photoshelter account if you have one OR login as a guest

If you login as a guest:

-You will be asked for your shipping information so we are able to ship your photos to you

-You can then choose from multiple shipping methods. Each method comes with tracking(except USPS) so you are able to keep track of your images before they arrive

-Next you will be asked for your billing information

-Enter your email so that you will get a confirmation receipt that will allow you to view the current status of your order

-Review your order once more

-Read and check off the ‘Agree to Licensing Agreement’ then click “Complete Purchase”

-You will receive your confirmation email and your photos will be on their way within 48 hours! Downloads of course happen immediately.

Be sure to call or email should you have any questions and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I have.

Thanks and tight lines,