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Lapwai Dreams

Lapwai Creek Coho

Lapwai Creek Coho swims in the river

I’m very blessed to be able to do what I do. I love fishing and the stories that grow up around it. It’s an incredible world of struggle and accomplishment that very much resembles the plight of man.

On a recent trip to Idaho, I had the opportunity to tour some of the Nez Perce fishing operations between Lewiston and Orafino. The story of the Nez Perce and their struggle to rebuild Salmon runs is quite remarkable. At one time, the tribe had less the 100 Fall Chinook Salmon over Lower Granite Dam and many of their traditional runs were extinct.

Over the decades, the Nez Perce have been steadfast in their commitment not only to restore populations, but actually help create abundance. They’re leading the way in this effort and hopefully the state’s take note of their success and vision to make it all happen.

The above photo is of a spawned out Coho from Lapwai Creek. Lapwai Creek Coho were extinct at one point and have since been reintroduced to the small tributary of the Clearwater River. Today, through a long process of hatchery supplementation, Lapwai Creek Coho return and spawn in their native waters.

I’ve come to love what this photo represents and the incredible colors that it exhibits. The photo is available and looks perfect as a 5×7 or 7×5.