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Trask River Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing

The Trask is one of the five rivers that flow into Tillamook Bay. The Trask sees a majority of the first waves of fish that enter the bay and as a result is known as the best tidewater fishery that any of the rivers offer.

Trask fish can be enormous. I’ve had multiple 50 pound fish in the same day on this river and caught a lot of #40’s on this river.

I love this river and if you’re fortunate enough to spend a day on this river, I think you will love it, too.

As I’ve mentioned on other river pages, Tillamook County offers many opportunities to fall Salmon fishermen. We have Tillamook Bay Salmon fishing, the Wilson, Trask and Nestucca River all within 20 minutes of each other. When trips are booked for this area, I will fish the river that offers the best opportunity to catch the most fish.

For more on Tillamook County River fishing visit the Wilson River Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing page or the Nestucca River Salmon Fishing page.

To view all of my guided Salmon fishing trips, go to my Salmon fishing page.

For any questions you might have about Trask River Fall Chinook salmon fishing, or to simply book a trip, contact me or give me a call.