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Wilson River Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing

The Wilson is one of the most legendary Rivers in the entire NW. Chinook Salmon begin entering this river in October and will run clean through Christmas with chrome bright fish that are a mere miles out of the ocean.

I cut my teeth on this river living out of the basement of the Guide Shop and know the Chinook fishing on the Wilson as good as anyone who fishes it.

Depending on the river levels and tides I will fish both tidewater and the river. In tidewater we do a lot of bobber fishing and in the river we backbounce eggs.

If you like hands on fishing, you’ll enjoy fishing with me on the Wilson. Experienced or inexperienced, it doesn’t matter to me, if you like catching Salmon that pull like trucks, you’re welcome in my boat.

Of course the fishing I do is entirely run, tide and water level dependent. When I book trips for clients in Tillamook County we could be on the Nestucca River, Trask River or even in Tillamook Bay fishing for Salmon. All of these locations are within 20 minutes of each other so we’re going to fish the one with the most fish!

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To view all of my guided Salmon fishing trips, go to my Salmon fishing page.

For any questions you might have about Wilson River Fall Chinook Salmon fishing, or to simply book a trip, feel free to give me a call or contact me.