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Fishing Gear and Tackle

Fathers Day- Leatherman Style

I’m fortunate to be able to live the life I do. A great wife and kids, wonderful clients and a life in the fishing business. Both of my parents supported my fishing issues growing up and Dad even contributed to the way of life that I now live. So when Leatherman asked me if I’d […]

G. Loomis IMX 1262-2C STFR 10′-6″ Steelhead Bobber-Float Rod Review

A new IMX G. Loomis 1262 S float rod and steelhead.

I was able to attend the G. Loomis IMX roll out on January 30th of this year. It was a great evening of seeing friends and being able to get a first hand look at the latest in rod development from G. Loomis. One of the rods that caught everyone’s eyes was the new steelhead […]

December Meeting of Mollala Chapter Steelheaders

It’s always great to be asked to share fishing with others and I’m grateful to be able to do that again this week. The Molalla Chapter of NW Steelheaders has asked me to host their December meeting and talk about the Winter Steelhead techniques that I employ. The meeting will be held at 6:30p on […]

Shimano Curado 300E 301E preliminary review

Shimano Curado 300e 301e-review

The Shimano Curado 300E and 301E Preliminary Review. A review for Salmon fishermen. As a fishing guide, I’m constantly looking for a better mouse trap. Durability, performance and comfort are the gear characteristics that are critical when trying to provide clients with a great experience, but my latest little bit of gear excitement came entirely […]