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Buoy 10 Opens on the Columbia River

Beautiful Chinook Salmon Fillets

Chinook Salmon – King of the Columbia 

The 2019 Buoy 10 Salmon Season opened up in Astoria last Thursday, with huge tides and some beautiful Chinook being landed. As expected, we had some good fishing above the Astoria bridge and some good bites from Hammond to Astoria. We’ve been trolling with anchovies, herring and spinners, giving the fish some options to chase, but anchovies have been the go-to bait. This being said, the trend will change! It always does. The great news is that Buoy 10 fishing will just continue to get better in the coming weeks as we approach peak Chinook Salmon fishing and the Coho begin moving into the Columbia River.

Softer tides start rolling in this week, which should give us an even better shot at the Chinook. We’re also looking at a much nicer ocean which will give us even more opportunities. We’ll be fishing for Chinook through August 20th, when the Chinook season ends at Buoy 10. But that doesn’t mean the fall salmon season in Astoria is over. In fact, we’re just getting started.

Coho Salmon – Silvers Galore

The big story we’ve been talking about all year is the huge number of Coho Salmon forecasted to run the Columbia River this fall. Over 600,000 fish are expected this fall, which is 162% of the 10-year average. We love numbers like that! With how the ocean has been fishing so far this year, it looks like the forecast is correct and we’ll be fishing salmon in Astoria through September. When the kids head back to school, we often get some incredible weather at the coast. It’s a wonderful time to head down to the coast and get out fishing.

Buoy 10 guided fishing trips are booking quickly, and we’d love to get you out. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to book your trip.