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Coastal Fishing Taking the Stage

A happy family of 5 with their salmon

Last week we told you that salmon fishing at the Oregon Coast was heating up, and it just keeps getting hotter by the day. Whether you prefer Astoria or Tillamook, each location has something unique to offer, which makes for multiple guided fishing options to choose from. In July, many choose to target near-shore ocean salmon in both locations. Other opportunities include sturgeon, halibut, bottom fish, ling cod and crab.

Astoria Salmon and Sturgeon

Coho Salmon are chasing schools of baitfish and feeding in the ocean near the mouth of the Columbia River. They will continue to put on weight, and we’re anticipating some big fish when they head up the Columbia River in August and September. Chinook Salmon are continuing to arrive in the area, getting themselves set for our Buoy 10 season, beginning August 1st. We’ve had some beautiful days on the water this week, with smiles and fish all around. What could be better? Toss in some battles with Trophy Sturgeon! When we’re done salmon fishing on the ocean, if timing and conditions allow, we’ll head back to the Columbia River to do some catch-and-release sturgeon fishing. This action-packed option will be available through July and possibly into the first few days of August. You’re welcome to skip the salmon and just fish for sturgeon if you like. The choice is completely yours. Once August hits, it’s Buoy 10 Salmon time, where you’ll be able to catch fish in the ocean or on the Columbia River in Astoria. It’s one of our favorite times of the year and we’re counting down the days!

Tillamook Salmon, Bottom Fish and Crab

Tillamook is an incredible location for fishing, and summer is one of the prime times there. Both Coho and Chinook Salmon have been biting in the ocean. Just like in Astoria, the Coho are feeding and the Fall Chinook are beginning to arrive. We’ve landed a few this week and they are looking nice! While we’re out fishing for salmon, we let the crab pots soak and have been pulling up some beautiful crab for this early in the season. Crabbing will continue to improve as we move through summer and into fall. The limit is 12 crab per person which makes for a lot of cracking! Don’t forget your shellfish license if you want to get in on the action 🙂

Portland Update

For many visiting the area, Portland is the desired location. Let’s just say we have some options, but we’re suggesting that everyone who can, head to the coast. The catch rates are just that much better right now. Things in Portland will pick up towards the end of August as the Fall Salmon move up the river. Certainly let us know if you have any questions.

Bottom line, it’s mid-July and while we wish Portland had a few more options for us, we couldn’t be happier with how summer fishing is going. Fish are biting. The weather’s been good. Please contact us should you have any questions or are looking to get out fishing. We’re here to help!