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Astoria is the Place to Fish in August

4 anglers with their limits of coho

August brings some of the best salmon fishing in Oregon and Washington to Astoria. It’s the start of the Fall Salmon run on the Columbia River and we’re super excited about this year’s Buoy 10 Salmon season. We’ve already been out targeting these same fish on the Pacific Ocean while they are preparing for their run and the fishing opportunity is only going to get better. 

Ocean salmon fishing in July started out well and just got hotter each day. It’s been limit after limit as the ocean has been loaded with fish. We’ve even seen the Chinook start showing up in the catch the last 10 days. The Coho and Chinook out front are gorging themselves on anchovies and continue to put on the pounds. 

Buoy 10 Salmon

As we head into the first few days of the Buoy 10 season, we’re looking at some huge incoming tides and big minus tides. We’ll likely see some good opening day fishing above the bridge on the Washington side, but the tides won’t get real good until about the 6th. At this point we should start to see more consistent fishing throughout the day as the run continues to build. We’ll be fishing both the ocean and the river right out of the gates. We don’t care where we catch fish, we just want fish catching to be part of the day!

During Buoy 10 season Astoria transforms as thousands of people come to visit and fish. Having close to a million salmon expected to run through the mouth of the Columbia River on their way upriver is a fisherman’s dream. Add some amazing places to eat, comfortable places to lay your head, local sights, and sandy beaches, and you’re in for a wonderful time both on and off the water. 

Trophy Sturgeon

As July comes to an end, our Trophy Sturgeon season in the Columbia River Estuary is winding down. We are still running trips for Sturgeon, but most of our customers are really focused on the red meat of salmon. We have had some great days on the river and battled some massive fish. If you missed out on sturgeon fishing, or would like to take home your catch, we’re hoping that we will have a short sturgeon retention season in Astoria toward the end of next spring. As soon as ODFW announces anything in 2020, we will get the information to you.

We still have some availability for Buoy 10 Salmon fishing. If you would prefer to wait until September, the Coho will still be running the Columbia River and if conditions allow, we’ll throw out the crab pots. Happy to get you out on a guided fishing trip. Contact us with any questions or to book your trip.