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Wilson and Trask Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing with Guide, Lance Fisher

wilson and trask fall chinook salmon fishing with guide lance fisherThe Wilson and Trask River are neighboring rivers dumping into Tillamook Bay. I will very often times fish both rivers in the same day in our search for fish.  These two rivers are considered two of the top producing Salmon rivers on the entire NW coast and many of my customers find these fisheries apart of their annual fishing bucket list.

The Trask River is known for its big Kings, with many of the largest fish ever landed on my boats coming out of the Trask River. This fishery is very hands on with Bobber Fishing and Back Bouncing being our preferred methods.

The Wilson is know for producing a run that just keeps on going. Wilson River Salmon enter the river in October and don’t stop coming until Christmas. This late run, known as the Wilson River Winter run will kick out chrome bright fish when all the other rivers are done producing.

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