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Weekend Columbia River Salmon Dates Announced

Smiling lady with a Columbia River Chinook Salmon

This weekend, September 11th, through September 13th, the Columbia River salmon retention will be open from Buoy 10 up to Pasco, WA. That allows us to chase salmon from the mouth of the river in Astoria upstream to the Deschutes and Klickitat River area. The Columbia River Compact just made the announcement based on Chinook and Coho runs that are larger than what was previously forecast. We always appreciate mid-season adjustments that give us more days to get out on the water.

Salmon Bag Limits

There will be a 2 salmon bag limit at Buoy 10. The bag limit can be filled with a Chinook and a hatchery Coho or 2 hatchery Coho. Upstream from there it is a 1 fish limit where either a Chinook or hatchery Coho may be retained. Both native and hatchery Chinook may be retained in the Columbia River.

Fall Salmon Fisheries

We appreciate being able to take advantage of these extra retention dates on the Columbia River. They just add to our already existing September salmon fishing opportunities. We’ll continue to fish at the coast in Astoria and Tillamook, throwing out the pots to add crabbing to the day when we’re able. Close to Portland we’ll be fishing on the Washington side at Drano Lake, which is actually a bay on the Columbia River, and the Lewis River. September 23rd the river opens again and we’re ready to fish near the mouth of the Deschutes and the mouth of the Klickitat River. Fall is a favorite time for salmon fishing in the PNW, and with this year’s salmon numbers, we expect to be fishing through Thanksgiving in some fisheries. 

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to book a trip. We’re always happy to discuss options and help you find the perfect fishing experience. 

COVID Precautions

Lance Fisher Fishing is taking COVID very seriously. Preparations have been made to be able to allow all of us to experience the 2020 fishing season. We’re thankful for the outdoors and that it is one of the safer places to be right now. That being said, we still want to be vigilant and respectful. You will need to bring a face covering with you. You can bring what you typically use, or purchase one of the many options readily available on Amazon. We have lots of room in our boats and many times 6’ of distancing is no problem. For the times that people and guides must get close, simply pull the gaiter or mask up. Know that part of being good at what we do is providing clean boats for your trip. While this is already SOP for our operation, know that extra steps are being taken so that we can enjoy our fishing experience and remain safe.