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Thanksgiving Brings Salmon and Sturgeon

4 anglers holding up 2 salmon each on the Lewis RIver

November started out with some beautiful, sunny days for fishing in Oregon and SW Washington. It looks like we have a chance at some rain this week, but fall weather forecasts frequently change in our area, and I’m not holding my breath for significant rainfall. I would love to get the drift boat out, and we need some water in our North Coast rivers for that to happen. There’s nothing quite like fall salmon fishing from a drift boat on the Wilson or Trask River in Tillamook. The good news is tailwater fisheries like the Lewis don’t necessarily need rain, and it’s one of the main reasons that the Lewis has shone so brightly this fall.

Lewis River Salmon

The Lewis River, just north of Portland, continues to offer some of the best fall salmon fishing in the area. We’ve been out on the river every day this season, fishing for both Chinook and Coho Salmon. With how things are looking, salmon fishing should be good through Thanksgiving, and possibly into December. What a great way to spend some time with family during the holidays.

Portland Sturgeon

Sturgeon fishing on the Willamette River has also provided some good fishing of late. We’ve had some epic battles this month, reeling in fish up to 7’ long! While this is a catch and release fishery, there’s nothing like the experience and memories that a day of sturgeon fishing creates. Snap some pictures or video from the boat and you’ll have a true fish story to show your friends and family. We’ll be sturgeon fishing in the Portland area through the winter and spring of 2020. 

With less rain and milder temperatures than normal, November continues to offer some good fall fishing opportunities in the Portland and Vancouver areas. Once we get some decent rain at the coast, the rivers should come up, allowing us to get the drift boats out in Tillamook. Overall, I’m thankful for another nice looking month for fishing in the Pacific Northwest. 

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