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Willamette River Sturgeon Fishing

Seasonally, some very good sturgeon fishing exists on the Willamette River. From December to May you will find sturgeon moving in from the Columbia River to opportunistically feed in the Willamette.

Sturgeon are first lured into the Willamette to feed on many items produced by the Willamette River’s wintery water flows. High water produces all sorts of treats for a sturgeon, from earth worms to spawned out salmon flesh, and even local winter kill in the form of crappie and blue gill.

Sturgeon will remain in the Willamette well into spring at which time many will head down the Columbia River to the Astoria Estuary.

This fishery is easily accessible for locals, and my out of town guests will frequently spend a day fishing for sturgeon as part of a multi-day trip in which they might be fishing for Willamette River Spring Chinook, or Clackamas River winter steelhead. Other options include fishing for Lewis River Spring Chinook, or fishing on the Columbia River. I guess the point is, you have a lot of choices. Just give me a call or email me, and I’ll get your trip pointed in the right direction.

For any questions you might have about Willamette River sturgeon fishing, or to simply book a trip, contact me, or give me a call.