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So Many Options: 2019 Astoria Fishing Opportunities

Excited dad and 2 sons

Keeper Sturgeon

The shortest fishing season in Oregon, but so worth it. The 2019 Keeper Sturgeon Season opens up on the Columbia River in Astoria next week, on May 13th. If you’re looking to take home a lot of fish, keeper sturgeon average 40-80 lbs each. That’s a work out! We’ll be out fishing each day of the season, which runs Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, with June 5th slated to be the final day of the season. Sturgeon are great to eat and even more fun to fight.

Ocean Salmon

This is our opportunity to fish for Chinook and Coho salmon in their ocean feeding grounds before they head into the Columbia River. The Oregon Ocean Salmon Season is expected to open on June 22nd. We fish near-shore, in the same boats we fish the river. This keeps our guided fishing trips intimate and personal with lots of hands on guidance. It’s a quick trip from Astoria out to the Pacific Ocean in our guide boats that also allow us to maneuver easily to give our customers the best opportunity to catch salmon. No worries if you have a larger group – we can get you out in more than one boat.

Trophy Sturgeon

Astoria is known all over the west as one of the best sturgeon fisheries in the world. The best sturgeon fishing of the year actually happens after the Keeper Sturgeon Season closes June 5th. As water temperatures warm, the incredible Catch and Release Sturgeon Season becomes the highlight of the area. Sturgeon converge in the mouth of the Columbia River to gorge themselves on the baitfish that invade the estuary each summer. We can usually fish sturgeon through September, and there are many days we can run combo trips out of Astoria for both sturgeon and salmon.

Buoy 10 Salmon

Probably the best known fishery in the region is the Columbia River around Astoria when it opens to fall Chinook and Coho fishing. At this point, the same fish we’ve been targeting in the ocean are now available in the river. We are expecting over 1 million salmon to run the Columbia River this year, and they all have to make it through the mouth of the river in Astoria on the way to their home rivers. Buoy 10 Salmon Season starts on August 1st and we’re anticipating a busy season that runs through September and into October. Hotels and fishing trips book up months ahead for this world class fishery. Let us know if you’d like to reserve your spot.

Even More Guided Fishing Options

Astoria offers a plethora of fishing opportunities throughout the year. Right now temperatures are warming up, and Astoria is going to be a prime fishing location through the fall season. There are great places to stay and sights to see when you’re not out fishing. We offer combo trips, and have options for bottom fishing and crabbing as well. Lots of choices to make your day on the water exactly what you would like it to be. We’re here to help.

Looking to book, just contact us on our Questions and Reservations Page.