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New Astoria Sturgeon Video

Lance and a boy holding a huge sturgeon

Fishing for Sturgeon in Astoria is one of the great fishing experiences we have here in the Pacific Northwest. So we thought we’d put together a video for people looking into fishing the area and yes, it was fun putting this together!!!

Many people think sturgeon fishing is only what exists in the lakes of the mid-west or here in Oregon, on the Columbia River, up above Bonneville Dam, in the deeper waters close to Portland, and on the Willamette River. While there’s definitely a huge sense of triumph after reeling one of these dinosaur-like fish out of the depths, there’s also another opportunity nearby. Take the shallow water of the Columbia River Estuary, add some monster fish converging to gorge on baitfish, and you’ve got a unique fishing experience unlike anything else. Words can’t even do it justice, but we hope our video does. Click below to take a look.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to book one of our trips. We’re always happy to help!