A Glimpse of Things to Come on the Columbia River

A beautiful shot of a Columbia River Fall Chinook being silouetted aqainst the sky. The shot was taken near Portland with an underwater housing.

Anyone that’s fished with me has probably experienced the eye of a camera trying to get a shot of the wildlife, a fish you’ve caught or in this case, a fish that you’re fighting. This shot was taken with an underwater housing on my 5d Mark iii while fishing the Columbia River last fall. I love the shot, but it also got my juices flowing for the upcoming months of fishing.

We have a lot to look forward to as nearly a million Chinook are expected to return to the Columbia River. The Coho numbers aren’t expected to be great, but even that’s up in the air at this point as the early season Coho fishing in the ocean has been decent for sure and now it looks like a pile of Chinooks have shown up North of the mouth. It all bodes well for those of you that are planning on fishing in Astoria this year. We’ve already begun fishing the ocean and will be on the lower Columbia River starting the 1st of August. I’ll remain their until the end of August and in between I have a feeling we’re going to be having some fun. If you haven’t booked yet for Buoy 10 and want to get out, 503.488.5988 or email astoriafishing@lancefisherfishing.com. I’m glad to help!

If you’d like to stay closer to home or PDX, don’t despair, there will be lots of fishing on the Columbia River near Portland. As September begins, I’ll be fishing wobblers and spinners. Anyone that fished this last year saw how good this was and how much fun you can have on this amazing river.

Do you guys know how lucky we are to have this resource in our own backyard? It blows my mind at times to think about the caliber of fishing we have here in the Northwest.

I’ll stay on the Columbia River well into October as waves of fish keep pouring into the system. The bottom line is that there is lots of time for you to get out and catch your fish for the year. Make a point of it, call your friends, family or some good work acquaintances and get your trip put on the calendar.

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