Columbia River Buoy 10- Final Fish

The Columbia River at Buoy 10 is known for really good fishing. Folks from all over the country come to hang out with me during a month that 1.5 million and 2 million Salmon decide that they’re going home. Buoy 10 is known to be quite the crowd spectacle, but I regularly tell people that it’s not always the case. We often find ourselves nearly alone, hammering the incoming fish.

In this video I’m hanging out with a party to one of my most regular corporate customers. These guys love to fish and regularly bring customers out that love to fish as well. The day started off with a joke by someone suggesting that they’d be back to work by noon. This particular customer lived just down the road from Astoria in Seaside, so suggesting he might be back to work by noon was a real possibility. Fishing was good to say the least and by 9:10 we were headed to the barn. You’ll notice that there aren’t many other boats around and the river is very calm. Another beautiful day on the Columbia River!

The Fall Chinook run on the Columbia River offers some pretty incredible fishing opportunities. If you’re interested in as close to “can’t miss” as you can get, you might want to head out for a guided trip on the Columbia River at Buoy 10.

Feel free to call 503.680.6809 or email me for more information.

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